The first episode of Eradiate's AFOE begins in the year 2016 as Greenland declares independence from Denmark, on the condition of free trade. Libya then erupts into civil war, and the government falls. A new nation is formed call New Tripolitania. Lithuania then proposes a unification to Latvia and Estonia. Estonia rejects, says that they would rather be part of Finland, but Latvia accepts. Lithuania-Latvia is formed. Morocco then invades the rest of Western Sahara and officially annexes it. Hejaz declares independence from Saudi Arabia, but their revolt is crushed by Saudi forces and they are forced to surrender. The Czech Republic wants to recreate Czechoslovakia, and Slovakia holds a referendum. The people are in favor of reunification, so Czechoslovakia is recreated. Then, on May 12th, 2020 a coup occurs in the Hellenic Republic. Graxum is formed out of the coup, becoming the main character in Eradiate's series.

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