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This is an awesome community, and I don't hate you guys or anything like that. I have university around the corner and I've just lost interest in general. I hope you guys continue to make this community better than it was. So yeah, have a great ride everyone. Mine has already ended. Be awesome.

Aen, formerly known as AenMaps and Aendarus Mapping, is a former British-Indian mapper and college freshman. During his time in the mapping community, Aen was an administrator in The Mapping Community and ran Mapper Tournament, being the widely considered most influential mapper in the community.

Aen was born on August 3, 2000.

Personal Life

Aen was born, raised, and lives in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. His ethnicity is Gujarati, as his family originates from the state of Gujarat in India. His family is Hindu, but he is an agnostic atheist.


The original logo Aen made for his YouTube channel. It was produced in Paint.

Foray into Mapping

In 2014, Aen had an interest in geopolitics and cinematic music and had found channels such as MrOwnerAndPwner, Goldenrebel25, and Disturbedfan1100. By 2015, he was thoroughly engrossed in the idea of mapping and by March of the same year, he had started a new YouTube channel called "Aendarus Mapping".


Although Aen did start making mapping videos, he was much more interested in communicating with other mappers on TheFutureofEuropes. He participated in map games, created official nations, and participated in forum games.

The Mapping Community

Vorigar VoidViper

Mapper Tournament


  • The name "Aen" is a shortened form of "Aendarus" that his friends would call him. In turn, "Aendarus" comes from Aen's Minecraft IGN "Aendar", which is a bastardization of his original Minecraft IGN "EnderLord3000"