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Afritalia, Empire of Afritalia, Uniempire of Afritalia is a country located in Western Europe. He is the main character of Mapper Wars, and is ruled by this country Mega Mapper.


Afritalia was founded in year 1, it was quite neutral at first. He spent the next years strengthening the economy and military, which was a very good choice. Afritalia's First War on Eastern Libya. It was a war with Drotan. (Afritalia joined the map war for a while, which made him a temporary ally, Drakenia and Culum). In June of the same year he bought colonies in northern Tunisia from Maxiston. The Afritalia's economy relied heavily on the colonies, so it was very important for the Empire. In year 17 Afritalia became an Empire. It was the most important event in the entire History of Afritalia. In the same year, she also declared war on Borgia over southern colonies in Syria. It was the first war in which Afritalia took part from the beginning to the end. The war was won by Afritalia, thanks to which it gained southern Syria in which Afritalia began the construction of military factories there. In 23 Borgia peacefully surrendered the rest of Syria to Afritalia under the agreement. This resulted in a significant improvement in relations between countries. In the year 33 there was a very important and at the same time very bad event for Afritalia - Scotland an uprising broke out against this country. It was headed by the SHN imperialists (from Iceland). Initially, these were huge problems for the Empire, but it soon turned out that SHN was one of Afritalia's most important allies.

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Afritalia Empire is a typical neutralist, does not participate in wars, cares for its own interests. Still, sometimes it helps some countries. He has a diplomat's sense and a salesman's cunning. He is seeking peace and justice in Europe. It is considered to be the strongest empire of europe any existed.


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  • His flag is based on South Ossetia with the Manchester coat of arms.