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Alternate Future of Dark Europe The Movie: Awakening of a Nightmare, , commonly abbreviated to Alternate Future of Dark Europe, and sometimes Dark Europe, is a mapping movie that is a compilation of the series Alternate Future of Dark Europe, released by The Rat of Mapping. Its plot is a scenario in where small factions in Europe rise after an apocalyptic event.



  • The Great Cataclysm occurs. This is where the movie begins.
  • The Hellenic Republic recovers from the Great Cataclysm by enabling the telegraph system.
  • Greece contacts Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Kosovo, using the telegraph method.
  • Macedonia declares war on Greece, and occupies much of the Greek mainland.
  • The Treaty of Skopje is signed and ratified.
  • Bulgaria is able to contact Turkey.
  • Turkey discovers that its eastern lands are overrun by Anarcho-Capitalists.


  • Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, and Kosovo form an infrastructural pact.
  • Serbia is contacted by the pact.
  • Kosovo declares war on, and eventually defeats Serbia.
  • Turkey joins Bulgaria's pact.
  • With the help of a plane capable of flying in the conditions set up by the Great Cataclysm, Albania discovers that the Earth is orbiting a black hole.


  • Kosovo receives wavelengths from the al-Baghdadi Caliphate, while it is in the middle of a war with the Anarcho-Capitalists.
  • The al-Baghdadi Caliphate surrenders to the Anarcho-Capitalists, and the citizens of the caliphate convert to Anarcho-Capitalism.


  • Greece is contacted by the Cypriot Union. Bulgaria offers Cyprus to join the pact, yet Cyprus politely declines, despite willing to maintain positive relations.
  • Transnistria declares war on Romania.
  • The Treaty of Tiraspol is signed and ratified.
  • Romania joins Bulgaria's Pact.


  • Bosnia invades Croatia and Slovenia, and soon Kosovo. Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia immediately intervene.
  • The Treaty of Ljubljana is signed and ratified.
  • The Treaty of Sarajevo is signed and ratified.
  • Bosnia and Transnistria form an alliance.