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Alternate Future of Europe is an Alternate Future of Europe series created by Eradiate. The first episode was released on December 29, 2015, and the final 18th episode was released on January 19, 2017, making it one of the longest airing mapping series in history. However, there was a 5-month hiatus in between episodes 4 and 5.

Alternate Future of Europe tells the tale of Ambrosio Ioannou, a former Greek military general who led a coup on May 12, 2020. He then developed technology capable of traveling through time, yet the machine could only travel back to May 12, 2020. Ambrosio went mad with power, and began testing all possible outcomes by all possible political actions, failing on most occasions and racking up thousands of years in testing. Alternate Future of Europe details the 8128th attempt, one that is assumed to have been successful in world domination.

Alternate Future of Europe has been heavily celebrated throughout Mapperdonia, partly due to the theme of power. At the time, it was widely the undisputed greatest mapping series of all time. However, later on, the series was still considered quite good, with excellent dialogue, yet not as revered as it once was.


For the complete timeline page, see Timeline (Eradiate AFoE).

If a year is not present, assume that no events of importance occurred during that year.


  • After several protests, Denmark grants Greenland independence under the condition that free trade between the two was guaranteed.
  • Libyan rebels in Abu Kammash, Tripoli, and Tobruk rebel against the government.


  • Libya surrenders unconditionally to the rebels, and a pro-rebel regime is installed in Libya.
  • Lithuania offers the prospect of a Baltic Union to Latvia and Estonia. Latvia accepts, while Estonia does not.
  • Lithuania-Latvia is formed.


  • Morocco secures and exercises full dominance over Western Sahara.
  • Hejaz declares independence from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis invade Hejaz immediately.


  • Jordan supports Saudi Arabia and declares war on Hejaz.
  • Hejaz surrenders and is incorporated back into Saudi Arabia.
  • The Czech Republic requests a union with Slovakia. Despite showing initial resistance, Slovakia decides to hold a referendum on the situation. It passes.
  • Czechoslovakia is formed.


  • A military coup in Greece succeed, and Graxum is formed.
  • After a little debate, Moldova willingly is annexed by Romania.
  • Graxum sends an ultimatum to Cyprus to be annexed into it. Cyprus refuses, and Graxum declares war.
  • Graxum invades and fully annexes Cyprus.


  • Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania invade Ukraine.
  • Belarus declares war on Ukraine.


  • Ukraine surrenders to the coalition, who all occupy various Ukrainian territory. Halych is formed.


  • Egypt declares war on New Tripoltania.
  • Greece immediately declares war on Egypt.
  • Egypt surrenders to Graxum and New Tripoltania.
  • Graxum installs a Graxine colony government into Egypt.
  • Graxum declares war on New Tripoltania.
  • New Tripoltania surrenders to Graxum and is annexed into Graxine Egypt, which becomes Graxine North Africa.


  • Germany and Austria unite into Austro-Germania.
  • Graxum offers to buy East Thrace from Turkey for a generous amount. After initial resistance, the Turks accept on the premise that the Turkish people will be an accepted minority.


  • Saudi Arabia blames Iraq for an attempted assassination on the Salman, and declares war.
  • Jordan and the U.A.E. support Saudi Arabia, while Iran and Oman support Iraq.
  • Hejaz declares independence again and supports Iraq.
  • The borders of the Middle East are redrawn in favor of Iraq's allies.


  • Communist rebels in Spain rebel against the government.
  • The Canary Islands declare independence.
  • The communist rebels fully take over Spain, and form Ardumus.
  • Graxum offers an alliance with Ardumus, after proving it knew Ardumus' secret code.
  • Ukraine and Russia declare war on Belarus and Halych, dragging Poland into the conflict.
  • Czechoslovakia declares war on Ukraine and Belarus.
  • Lithuania-Latvia declares war on Belarus, Poland, Halych, and Czechoslovakia.


  • Austro-Germania declares war on Belarus, Poland, Halych, and Czechoslovakia.
  • Belarus' allies surrender. Ukraine's allies annex various border territories.
  • Czechoslovakia is dissolved into Moravia and Slovakia.


  • Latvia declares independence from Lithuania-Latvia, leaving Lithuania alone.
  • Ukraine and Lithuania unite into the Ukrainian-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • Ardumus declares war on, and annexes the Canaries.
  • Kyrgyzstan is willingly annexed into Kazakhstan.


  • Graxum and Ardumus discuss a future invasion of Austro-Germania.
  • Dalmatia declares independence from Croatia. Croatia immediately invades Dalmatia.
  • Hungary supports Dalmatia and declares war on Croatia.
  • Croatia grants independence to Dalmatia.


  • Graxum declares war on Albania.
  • In exchange for an immediate ceasefire, Albania cedes Northern Epirus to Graxum.


  • The United Kingdom, France, Austro-Germania, and Italy form a secret coalition in the event that Graxum or Ardumus becomes too dangerous.


  • Estonia is willingly annexed into Finland.
  • Graxum invades and annexes Malta.
  • Austro-Germania threatens Graxum to stop its aggressive foreign policy.


  • Russia demands Latgale from Latvia, who refuses. Ukraine-Lithuania backs up Latvia. Russia then declares war on the pair of them.


  • Latvia and Ukraine-Lithuania surrender, and are annexed by Russia. Byelorussia and the Kievan Republic are formed.


  • Ardumus invades and fully occupies Tunisia.
  • Ardumus offers Tunisia in its entirety to Italy in exchange for a non-aggression pact with it and Graxum. They accept, and Italian Tunisia is formed.


  • Graxum offers an alliance with Russia, who considers it.


  • Russia offers Carpathian Ruthenia to Slovakia in exchange for military access and a non-aggression pact. Slovakia accepts.


  • Revolutionaries in Saudi Arabia rebel against the government.
  • The revolutionaries win, and the Arabian Republic is formed.


  • Niger and Chad unite into Niger-Chad.
  • Austro-Germania offers a secret coalition with Poland due to Russia's increasing aggression. After some initial hesitation, Poland accepts.


  • Russia annexes Byeloryssua.
  • Iran declares war on Azerbaijan, and after winning the war, occupies various border territory.
  • Iran reforms into the Iranian Empire.


  • Graxum declares war on Turkey.
  • Austro-Germania and France declare war on Graxum. Ardumus declares war on the coalition.
  • Poland and the United Kingdom join the coalition. Russia joints Graxum and Ardumus.
  • Turkey surrenders to Graxum and Russia. The Turkish Governorate is formed.
  • Sudan surrenders to Graxum, and is incorporated into Graxine North Africa.


  • Ardumus declares war on Portugal.
  • India declares war on the coalition.


  • Graxum annexes Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.
  • Ardumus annexes Portugal.
  • Graxum colonizes Syria, forming Graxine Syria.


  • Graxum leaks the Cure For Death to Austro-Germania, causing the government to collapse in a mad power vacuum to obtain the cure. The South German Confederation, Bohemia, Austria and the Neo-German Empire are formed in the aftermath of the cure being revealed.
  • Graxum forms a puppet state in the Balkans named Graxine Yugoslavia.
  • Germany is liberated by the coalition.


  • Poland surrenders.
  • Ardumus sends Morocco an ultimatum for Western Sahara and its northern coast. Morocco accepts. Ardumian Sahara is formed.


  • The United Kingdom exits the war.
  • All coalition countries aside France are occupied.


  • France surrenders, ending the Third World War.
  • The Treaty of Thessaloniki is signed and ratified.
  • Russia reforms into the Eurasian Union.


  • Catalan Nationalists in Ardumus are silenced shortly after rebelling.
  • The United Kingdom secretly guarantees Italy's independence.


  • Kazakhstan willingly joins the Eurasian Union.


  • The Lyon Agreement is signed and ratified.
  • Eurasia invades Bohemia. It united Bohemia and Moravia into Czechia.


  • Eurasia dissolves the Northern Occupation Zone into Iceland, Norway, and Denmark.


  • Iran sends an ultimatum to Azerbaijan to join it. Eurasia offers to aid Azerbaijan under the condition that they surrender their sovereignty and become a Eurasian satellite state. Azerbaijan reluctantly accepts.
  • Iran declares war on Azerbaijan, and thus Eurasia and its two other satellites Czechia and Finland declare war on Iran.
  • The Arabian Republic declares war on Iran.


  • The Arabian Republic pulls out of the war.
  • The Iranian Empire surrenders to the Eurasian Union. Tabaristan and Baluchistan are formed, and the Iranian Empire reforms into the Iranian Union.


  • Algeria declares war on Morocco.
  • Ardumus declares war on Morocco.
  • Morocco surrenders to Ardumus and Algeria.


  • Ardumus releases Occupied France as France.
  • The Eurasian Union disobeys the Treaty of Thessaloniki and breaks up Occupied Germany into many smaller states.


  • Denmark declares war on, and invades Schleswig-Holstein.
  • The Treaty of Flensburg is signed and ratified. Holstein is formed.
  • Brandenburg and Silesia declare war on Posen. Posen quickly falls.
  • The Treaty of Cottbus is signed and ratified.


  • Sweden declares war on Pomerania.
  • Brandenburg declares war on Pomerania.
  • The Treaty of Gothemburg is signed and ratified.


  • The United Kingdom and Italy offer an alliance with France. The French decline.
  • France invades and annexes Saar, agreed upon during the Treaty of Nancy.
  • France reforms into the French Empire.


  • Italy agrees to sell South Tyrol to Austria under the condition that they sign an alliance with it and the United Kingdom. The Vienna Pact is formed.


  • Croatia rises up against Graxum. Bosnia and Serbia follow soot. The Balkan Uprising begins.
  • Hungary joins the war as an independent faction, yet leaves almost immediately.


  • Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia surrender.
  • The Treaty of Istria is signed and ratified.


  • France invades Palatinate.
  • The South German Confederation signs a deal with France that Palatinate will be the final French expansion into German land.


  • Ardumus breaks its alliance with Graxum.
  • Graxum embargoes Ardumus.


  • Graxum declares war on Hungary.


  • Hungary surrenders to Graxum.
  • The Treaty of Zagreb is signed and ratified. Hungaria is formed.


  • India reforms into the Aryan Union.
  • The Aryan Union declares war on Pakistan.
  • Baluchistan declares war on Pakistan.


  • Pakistan surrenders to the Aryan Union and Baluchistan.


  • The Treaty of Islamabad is signed and ratified.


  • The Eurasian Union demands that Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan join it. They accept, and the Astana Concord is signed and ratified.


  • Brandenburg declares war on Magdeburg and Anhalt.
  • The South German Confederation declares war on Brandenburg. Saxony and Mecklenburg follow soot.


  • Mecklenburg suggests a ceasefire with Brandenburg, which is accepted. The Treaty of Schwerin is signed and ratified. However, the war with Saxony and South Germany continues.
  • The French Empire declares war on the South German Confederation.


  • The South German Confederation surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Munich is signed and ratified. Wurttemberg and Bavaria are formed as satellite states of the French Empire.


  • Graxum sends an ultimatum to Romania for Dobruja. It is accepted, yet Romania is highly displeased.
  • Ardumus declares war on Mauritania.
  • Mauritania surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Nouakchott is signed and ratified. Ardumian Sahara becomes Ardumian West Africa.


  • Graxum offers an alliance with France. After some reluctance, they accept.


  • Graxum demands Slovakia cede Subcarpathia to its satellite state Hungary. Slovakia refuses and Eurasia backs up Slovakia. Eventually, however, Eurasia concedes, and forces Slovakia to accept.


  • Brandenburg invites all German nations to unify with it and recreate a German state. Brandenburg, Silesia, the Rhenish Republic, Thuringia, and Hamburg unite to form North Germany, with Oldenburg and Lunenburg becoming satellite states of it.


  • Graxum annexes its Balkan satellite states.
  • Baluchistan willingly joins the Aryan Union under the condition that it is granted high autonomy.


  • North Germany requests Mecklenburg to join it. Mecklenburg politely declines.
  • North Germany declares war on Mecklenburg.
  • Mecklenburg surrenders, and is annexed by North Germany.


  • France and Graxum declare war on Israel, Palestine and Jordan.
  • The United Kingdom refuses a call to arms from Israel.
  • Israel, Palestine and Jordan surrender to France and Graxum.
  • France creates a colony, French Levant, from the previous territory of Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.


  • Iraq declares war on Kuwait.
  • The Arabian Republic declares war on Iraq.
  • Iraq and the Arabian Republic sign a white peace.


  • Graxum declares war on Romania.
  • The Eurasian Union declares war on Romania, but as a separate side.
  • Romania surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Chisinau is signed and ratified. Moldavia is formed, and Hungaria unites with the remaining territory of Romania to form Hungary-Transylvania.


  • Ardumus gives the Cure For Death to the Eurasian Union.


  • North Germany once again requests for all German states to join it. Hanover and Brunswick refuse, and thus North Germany declares war on the pair.
  • France joins the war on an independent side.
  • North Germany demands that France cease their occupation of Darmstadt. France refuses, and North Germany swears revenge.


  • North Germany joins the United Kingdom's coalition against France.


  • Graxum declares war on Iraq. France quickly joins.
  • Kurdistan declares independence from Iraq.
  • The Eurasian Union asks Iran for military access, to stop Graxum from gaining access to the Persian Gulf. This request is denied.
  • Eurasia joins the war as an independent side. However, Graxum outraces Eurasia to the Persian Gulf anyway.
  • The Treaty of Amman is signed and ratified. Graxine Syria reforms into Graxine Mesapotamia.


  • France begins building up its troops on its borders with Switzerland and Monaco.
  • Italy offers a position in the coalition to both Switzerland and Monaco. Monaco accepts, while Switzerland declines. The United Kingdom offers to guarantee Switzerland's independence anyway.
  • The Eurasian Union offers for Kurdistan to become a satellite state. They accept.


  • The Danish satellite state Holstein requests that it is allowed to break away from Denmark and join North Germany. Denmark declines, and Holstein declares war on Denmark.
  • North Germany threatens Denmark to accept Holstein's request with a threat of war if they do not. Denmark accepts.


  • Graxum and France declare war on Switzerland. The United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, North Germany, Ardumus, and Eurasia declare war on Graxum and France. World War Four begins.
  • North Germany and Eurasia invade Bavaria.
  • Switzerland surrenders to France.


  • Kurdistan surrenders.
  • Belgium surrenders.
  • Eurasia liberates Iraq and Kurdistan.


  • Graxum and France invade Italy.
  • The United Kingdom invades Normandy and begins pushing into French territory.


  • Austria surrenders.


  • Italy surrenders.
  • Graxum leaks the fact that the Eurasian Union has the Cure For Death. Rebels and Polish separatists form immediately across the Union, and Finland revokes being a satellite state of Eurasia, declaring war on Eurasia as a separate side.


  • The Eurasian Union collapses and is replaced by Greater Russia.


  • Ardumus buys military and naval access from Algeria.
  • Graxum declares war on Algeria.


  • North Germany surrenders.
  • The United Kingdom unsuccessfully asks France to betray Graxum.


  • Algeria surrenders.
  • Graxine Morocco is established.
  • Ardumus gives the United Kingdom the Cure For Death.


  • Ardumus is occupied.

List of Episodes

These statistics are accurate to October 9, 2018.

Season 1

No. Title Upload Date Views Likes/Dislikes (Ratio) Synopsis
1 A Gathering Storm December 29th, 2015 63,391 722/25 (28.9) Small political events populate the world, some violent, and some not. A military coup in Greece succeeds and Graxum is formed.
2 New Powers January 1st, 2016 34,029 398/15 (26.5) Graxum begins to stretch its influence among the eastern Mediterranean, and several states in Europe unify.
3 Contra Vim Mortis January 9th, 2016 31,689 350/40 (8.8) An attempted assassination in Saudi Arabia triggers a war, and communist rebels in Spain form Ardumus; a state Graxum immediately is interested in.
4 The Great Eastern War January 14th, 2016 34,199 396/19 (20.8) Ukraine, with some new allies, get revenge on the previous aggression committed on it.
5 Imminent June 28th, 2016 24,212 304/9 (33.8) Several nations in Western Europe detect Graxum and Ardumus' aggressive intent, and form a secret coalition to combat it.
6 The Enemy of My Enemy June 30th, 2016 23,599 284/9 (32.7) Russia becomes increasingly more aggressive, and considers an alliance with Graxum. Italy accepts a non-aggression pact with Ardumus in exchange for Tunisia.
7 End of the Beginning July 6th, 2016 24,093 317/9 (35.2) The secret coalition are forced to intervene when Graxum invades Turkey, sparking World War Three.
8 When Gods Clash July 11th, 2016 22,344 262/28 (9.4) World War Three begins, yet it is clear Graxum is superior to their opponents. By revealing a Cure For Death to Austro-Germania, the country completely collapses.
9 Ares Wins July 18th, 2016 22,419 280/30 (9.3) The Third World War continues, yet all hope is lost for the coalition after a few years. Eventually, France, the final coalition member left, surrenders. Graxum wins.

Season 2

No. Title Upload Date Views Likes/Dislikes (Ratio) Synopsis
10 The Calm August 5, 2016 22,304 327/24 (13.6) Graxum, Ardumus, and Russia, now known as the Eurasian Union, divide up Europe as they please in the aftermath of the Third World War.
11 Consumed By Power August 12, 2016 19,203 284/17 (16.7) Despite warnings from Ardumus and Graxum, the Eurasian Union disobeys the Treaty of Thessaloniki and divides Germany into smaller states, slowly building up its influence regionally, and throwing the other Europeans into fear.
12 The German Question August 16, 2016 18,967 295/16 (18.4) The European stage continues to tense as Graxum and Ardumus begin to take a firm stance against Eurasia, and the newly divided Germans begin clawing themselves apart.
13 Entropy August 23, 2016 21,842 338/15 (22.5) France expands further into German territory, and Graxum expands further into the Balkans. Ardumus breaks its alliance with Graxum after it claims "everyone is disposable".
14 Déjà Vu September 7, 2016 20,174 298/17 (17.5) The South German Confederation is invaded by France and Brandenburg fills the power vacuum left in its wake. Meanwhile, Graxum searches for a new ally in the form of France.
15 Bow Before Ares September 14, 2016 22,120 316/18 (17.6) France and Graxum continue expanding at an alarming rate. Ardumus approaches the Eurasian Union, and reveals the Cure For Death to them to gain their trust.
16 Beginning of the End September 26, 2016 27,819 430/12 (35.8) The tension in Europe increases even more as Graxum and Eurasia clash heads in Iraq. World War Four begins as Graxum and France invade Switzerland.
17 Doom December 3, 2016 39,289 608/43 (14.1) World War Four rages throughout Europe, and both sides look relatively equal. Graxum later leaks the fact that Eurasia has the Cure For Death, and Eurasia collapses as a result.
18 Game Over January 19, 2017 55,861 1,039/49 (21.2) Graxum and France begin to win the war. As Ardumus has but an acre of land under its control left, Graxum reveals the fact that it has a time machine. Then, Ardumus collapses.


  • Eradiate was heavily inspired by The Presitge and Primer.
  • The series has many references to Greek mythology. Graxum is symbolic of Ares, Ardumus and Eurasia in the first season are Phobos and Deimos, and France is Athena.