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Not to be confused with The Time Before, Alternate Future of Europe (Re-Upload. Old), or Imperialis' 2017 April Fools Video.

"The stage is being set for a fundamental shift in the power balance of Europe. The winds that once blew West, now blow to us, Hungary.

- Poland.

Alternate Future of Europe is an Alternate Future of the World series created by Imperialis. The first episode was released on October 21, 2018.

Alternate Future of Europe imagines a near future in where the idea of European integration has been abandoned, and the geo-political consequences that arise because of it.



  • Russia and Belarus secretly organize The July Uprising in Belarus.
  • The Minsk Accords are signed and ratified. Russia annexes some eastern territory of Belarus, and the Byelorussian [sic] Federation is formed.


  • France and Belgium discuss the new political atmosphere due to the fact that the idea of European integration has been abandoned.
  • Flanders creates a plebiscite to secede from Belgium and unify with the Netherlands. It passes with 92%.
  • Flanders joins the Netherlands.
  • In the Brussels Agreement, Belgium is willingly annexed by France, yet with small portions of territory going to the Netherlands and Germany.
  • The United Kingdom comments on the Brussels Agreement, condemning France's choice to invite Germany and the Netherlands to the negotiations.
  • A coup in Greece fails.
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan collapse.
  • The Kabul Partition is signed and ratified. India, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan annex some land, and Balochistan, Bactria, Kabul, Al Abna, West Punjab, and Peshawar are formed.


  • Poland and Hungary discuss the shift in power from West to East.


  • The 2020 failed coup in Greece is likely a reference to Graxum.