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Alternate Future of Europe, also known as Nibiru's Alternate Future of Europe, and in its development referred to as Alternate Future of Europe 693, is an Alternate Future of Europe series created by Nibiru, and aired on Team Diarchy. The first episode was released on June 21, 2018, and a total of eight episodes are planned.

The series is incomplete, yet what is currently known to the audience is that Avoria, an artificial intelligence, makes attempts to escape the simulation it is trapped in.


Operation Sophia

A map of Europe in 2015.

In 2015, Austria takes note of how the Migrant Crisis is advancing, citing statistics showing that nearly double the amount of asylum applications were made in comparison to the year prior. Sweden also chimes in, sharing information about sex crimes. Germany, however, argues that these issues were necessary in taking the responsibility in housing migrants. After continued back and forth between Austria and Germany, the latter insisted that the role of the state is not to maintain the nation, but to maintain itself, and thus to protect its citizens; citing instability as their primary problem. Austria suggests a regulated form of immigration, yet Germany immediately shoots this idea down, saying it will "tarnish their reputation as morale forces". Hungary defends Austria, and attempts to reach a compromise by suggesting a neutralization of established smuggling routes. Italy offers to host such an operation, and as there are no objections, the European Union Naval Force Mediterranean, also known as Operation Sophia, is formed.

Warsaw Rebellion of 2016

In December 2016, Poland set forth legislature to limit freedom of the press. Unlike in real life, where they merely protested, in the simulation Warsaw rebelled, yet this rebellion was quickly put down. Germany offered support, yet Poland did not require it. Simultaneously, the United Kingdom instigates its exit of the European Union. It also privately contemplated the fact that the simulation differed from real life before the entry of Avoria, and monitored the variables.

Austrian Snap Legislative Elections of 2017

In 2017, Austria held snap legislative elections, much to the dismay of Germany, who feared that the recent popularity of the political fringe may radicalize the state. Austria shrugged it off. Despite this, the results of the election were:

  • Freedom Party of Austria: 102 Seats
  • Austrian People's Party: 38 Seats
  • Social Democratic Party of Austria: 21 Seats
  • Austrian Green Party: 13 Seats
  • New Austria and Liberal Forum: 9 Seats

A map of Europe directly after the reformation of Austria.

Winning with an absolute majority, the Freedom Party of Austria quickly reformed the state into Avoria, a more nationalist, more populist, and more conservative state; one that, unfortunately due to its programming, was also bent on world domination.


  • Initially the series was to be done by Frisia, yet Nibiru took over the project.