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This didn’t age well

Or maybe it aged very well.

~ Korean Mapping, in the comment section of Episode 0

Alternate Future of Europe, officially known as Alternate Future of Europe (Season 0), and occasionally as Proxima's Alternate Future of Europe, is an Alternate Future of Europe mapping series.

The series begins with a plague-like virus in China in the year 2023. It quickly spreads across Eurasia and the world, causing The Great Panic. In 2032, many powerful nations suddenly disappear off the map, causing some nations to speculate about where they are. The last remaining countries in Europe slowly collapse during the Final Days.

The series was generally praised for it's unique premise. After the outbreak, many parallels between the series and real life were drawn, like the virus beginning in China.


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  • Episode 5 is blocked in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Denmark; Episode 12 is blocked in Denmark.