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Alternate Future of the World | The Fifth Day, often abbreviated to just The Fifth Day, is an Alternate Future of the World series created by Trantor. The prologue was uploaded on May 14, 2018, with the first episode uploaded on July 7, 2018, and the fifth on September 7, 2018.

The series is loosely inspired off The Swarm.


Death of Juan Ucanan

On January 10, 2018, a Peruvian fisherman named Juan Narciso Ucanan was attacked by fish off the coast of Huanchaco. Peru begins to correlate a string of missing fishermen, and states that the amount has duplicated in 30 days across the entire nation. It conducts a research and finds ships found empty in the middle of the ocean, with no crew, or distress signals found. Peru considers a nation wide investigation, yet calms itself and decides not to act, lest they cause panic. This incident with missing fishermen is also occurring, almost in the exact same fashion, to Australia, Costa Rica, and South Africa.

American Radical Isolationism

Unbeknownst to South Korea, the United States and North Korea agree that the North Korean nuclear arsenal is to be dismantled under UN surveillance and North Korea to undergo yearly checks by the international community, in exchange for sanctions on North Korea to be lifted. Moreover, the Americans agree to remove every military asset from the peninsula. This agreement is faced with international backlash, yet America responds by claiming that the speech was meant for the American people, not the global community. It states its intentions to reveal a new diplomatic stance in the coming weeks, and announces a new wall to be built along the Canadian border and new regulation for travel between the United States and Canada. Lastly, it announces that soon, New York will no longer be the headquarters for the United Nations.

South Korea and North Korea discuss the new agreement, when Japan adds the fact that all debts to the Americans have been forgiven. South Korea continues to mobilize its defenses.

America expels all foreign citizens in the USA, together with diplomatic personnel. France is frightened by the eerie stance the Americans are taking, and Germany concurs. The United Kingdom mentions how the dollar is the backbone of trade, and that the global economy may crash. Canada reports on the building of the wall, and how half their economic system has fallen. Canada predicts a sovereign default, and France forlornly forecasts that many nations will collapse. The four discuss potential motives for this declaration, and deduce that it is unnatural. The United Kingdom mentions how the declaration was made with an iota of fear, and brings forth the idea that the United States may be being blackmailed. They quickly move on and discuss NATO, with Britain claiming it to be their only chance of survival. Canada, however, says that they will leave if conditions do not change, as it feels "so distant".

The United Nations asks the global community for a new host, and Switzerland offers. The United Nations accepts, and relocates António Guterres to Switzerland. He then makes the first speech after the relocation, insisting that "there's still hope for this planet".

Russia is agitated by the recent speech, and lashes out at China who asks why. Russia is suspicious of America, and claims that they are up to something. China declares war on Taiwan, saying that the war was only a matter of time. Russia scoffs, saying that NATO or the UN will intervene, yet China laughs, as the first is collapsing and the second is now practically ran by China, after the American resignation. It then suggests to Russia that they should focus on the undefended lands west.

Unknown Methanotroph

A map of the world directly after the Sino-Taiwanese War.

The Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research, given the acronym Kiel GEOMAR, contacts the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, sending results for samples of unknown methanotrophs the NTNU sent Kiel GEOMAR. They both decide not to inform their governments temporarily, and they send the samples to other universities. However, Kiel GEOMAR has a suspicion that the species is far more dangerous than it actually is.

Collapse of Mexico

Mexico begins to question why jellyfish are recently so aggressive and lethal after the hundredth attack since the beginning of the year. They beg for help from the Americans, with no response. They then send a message to all the Central American nations requesting help. While Guatemala is hesitant at first, Honduras affirms that it is the right thing to do in the face of this new oceanic threat. They go back and forth for a while, and Costa Rica reveals that their death toll is 350, despite public knowledge of it to be much lower. Honduras is about to suggest a closing of the beaches, when Guatemala notices the Mexican soldiers abandoning their posts.

Mexico makes one last speech to the world describing their failure as a government. Andrés Manuel López Obrador then commits suicide, ending the state. Central America discusses the recent collapse.

A NATO meeting occurs discussing the recent collapse, and Canada reasons that it is their own fault that they are in such disrepair, as reliance on the United States is the reason for their utter failure to recover from the new American isolationism. Greece, however, brags about how the Mediterranean Sea is now the only safe haven of the ocean, and how its tourism industry is booming. Canada continues discussing the jellyfish, and adds in that whales are ignoring their usual routes.