"The world reels back in horror as gods from mythology intervene and poke at the holes in the fragile world of politics."

Alternate Future of the World Ω is an Alternate Future of the World series created by Nibiru, also known as YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge, with some aid on the first 7 episodes from SkylarWeston. The first episode was released on May 15, 2017, and the series collectively has ten released episodes with the final two being in and planned for a mid-autumn 2018 release. It is often halved into two "phases" as the creator took a 6-month hiatus between the sixth and seventh episode.

Alternate Future of the World Ω takes place during the "Theomachy Intervention", a period of time in where the Olympian Gods intervene in geo-political global affairs. The main plot line takes place from the perspective of the Olympians, who have divided themselves into two main factions; The Council, led by Zeus, and The Resistance, led by Hades, and constantly compete against each other in a cold war.


The series takes place during the Theomachy Intervention, as dubbed by the Olympians. Therefore, the plot will only be using events from that timeline. No other interventions will be included.





  • Enfers intervenes, immediately collapsing the government of Haiti.
  • Enfers invades and annexes the Dominican Republic.
  • Enfers buys all Caribbean islands from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. France refuses to accept the offer.
  • Caducee intervenes, immediately collapsing the government of France. It gives its Caribbean islands to Enfers willingly.
  • A Californian National Party members is elected Governor of California, who creates a referendum to leave the United States. It then declares independence.
  • Mexico cedes Baja California to California in exchange for an alliance.
  • The United States declares war on California and Mexico. Enfers secretly begins funding Mexico.
  • Cascadian and Alaskan nationalists form in America and Canada.
  • The United States surrenders.
  • The Treaty of Mexicali is signed and ratified. Cascadia, Alaska, and Hawaii are granted independence.
  • Mexico cedes Yucatán to Enfers.



  • The European Union is disbanded.
  • The Katowice League is formed, with Spain and Poland as its founding members. Italy expresses its disapproval.
  • Ravn intervenes, immediately collapsing the government of Norway.


  • Ukraine rigs the Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakchivan referendum to join Armenia. The rigging is uncovered by an Armenian spy.
  • The MCO secretly aids Ukraine in its war against Russian and Armenia.
  • The Treaty of Batumi is signed and ratified.
  • Ravn sends a request to Canthr to intervene.
  • Enfers orders Pamana to declare war on Central America and then willingly join Enfers.
  • The Treaty of Managua is signed and ratified.


  • Germania demands Eastern Belgium from Belgium and North Schleswig from Denmark. Belgium complies immediately.
  • The Belgian government dissolves and is replaced by the Republic of Flanders and the Republic of Wallonia.
  • Denmark cedes North Schleswig to Germania.
  • Ravn requests a unification with Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Finland declines, and Greenland is given independence. Ravn, Sweden and Denmark then unite.
  • Ravn quietly dismantles the Swedish and Danish governments, making their unification a de facto annexation.
  • Enfers rigs the 47th American Presidential Elections and Kanye West is elected president.



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