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Not to be confused with Imperialis' PIM Alternate Future of the World.

The thumbnail of the first episode.

Alternate Future of the World 2.0, also known as Alternate Future of the World, is a cancelled Alternate Future of the World series created by Imperialis. The first episode was released on August 20, 2017, and the fourth and final was released on November 29, 2017.


Episode 1 | Will

A map of the world in 2020.

The United States states that as they are entering a new decade, 2020, new threats endanger America. However, they are confident in their abilities, and claim that "The Sun will never set on [them]".

India and China seek to resolve their border conflicts, improving relations as a result. Pakistan also requests to join the negotiations, and soon, the Treaty of Kashgar is signed, detailing this:

  • India, China, and Pakistan will end their claims on Jammu and Kashmir.
  • China will end their claims on Doklam, and recognize it is a territory of Bhutan.
  • The de facto border of the Line of Control will be de jure recognized.
  • India will recognize China's occupation of Aksai Chin.

In 2020, Morocco begins to detect instability. In 2021, there is a coup, and the monarchy is deposed in favor of a republic.

China and Russia discuss a plan Russia is hesitant to do. China convinces them to do so.

Colombia complains to Venezuela about the refugee crisis. Venezuela admits that the state is unstable, and so Colombia decides to restore order themselves, and begins invading Venezuela, soon forcing them to surrender. The Treaty of Bogota is signed and ratified, ceding large portions of Venezuela to Colombia, and giving Colombia influence over the Venezuelan government.

Germany reveals something omitted to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. Spain claims for "he" to be the potential usurper of the group, yet Italy objects to this leap in logic, explaining that "people can change". Germany decides that their best course of action is to wait and see what to do later, and Britain echoes these words, despite Spain objecting.

America notices that Europe is withholding information.

China discusses death with Russia, and begins to insinuate that they may be a potential way to avert it.

Episode 2 | Fractured

A map of the world in 2021.

The United States forces Mexico to give it complete, unwavering loyalty.

Argentina organizes an annexation of Uruguay. Chile advises Argentina not to do so, as so to avoid international condemnation, yet Argentina simply insults humanity, calling them selfish egoists, and goes through will the annexation regardless.

Brazil reasons that Uruguay would not have given their sovereignty without resistance, and questions Argentina if they had forced Uruguay to join the state. Argentina denies this, yet Brazil continues to insist. At this point, Argentina simply ignores Brazil.

Ukraine cedes Eastern Ukraine to Russia in 2022.

Kim Jong Un dies without an heir, forcing the Kim Dynasty to collapse. South Korea then occupies northern Korea, reforming and becoming internationally recognized as Korea. China congratulates Korea on the recent events, yet states that they will not have a NATO ally directly bordering them. They go on to condemn the occupation as "clear provocation", calling it containment. Korea complies, ending all military cooperation with NATO, despite the United States objecting.

Mexico, Finland, and Japan join NATO.

China notices the new NATO expansion, and tells Russia they need to move faster. Russia objects, telling China they still have not been told what the Chinese are doing in Siberia. They then say that they know, and say that the experiments, likely on curing death, are maniacal, and order the Chinese to leave the area. China then severs diplomatic relations with Russia.

A virus begins in northern India, and India begs for help. France and Germany analyze The Virus, and find multiple horrific symptoms. France deduces that The Virus must be man-made, and Germany alerts the media.

China finds a vaccine in 2023, and India is overjoyed. Germany questions China's ability to create a vaccine that quickly with little to no side effects. China claims it was sheer luck.

America promises to wipe out communism, and Russia vows to adopt isolationism.