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Alternative History of Europe is an Alternate History of Europe series by Sirius.

Number Name Date released
1 Immortalized September 13th, 2017
2 Permutation October 24th, 2017
3 Coadunation November 3rd, 2017
4 Accelerando November 22nd, 2017
5 Reassessment December 3rd, 2017
6 Convulsion December 20th, 2017
7 Endgame January 12th, 2018
8 Denouement February 8th, 2018
9 Epilogue March 3rd, 2018


The exact date of some events are unknown. Events in italics take place during or after the year it is under.


  • The Habsburg Monarchy threatens to invade Venice, despite opposition from the Papal States and Castile. Austria backs down when the Ottoman Empire threatened to intervene.


  • The England invades Ireland.
  • Ireland is pushed back by England, until Scotland intervenes, bringing France into the war.
  • The English throne is given to an Austrian prince for Habsburg intervention. The war escalates until most of Europe is at war.
  • The Ottomans, the Russian Tsardom, Sweden, and Portugal create the Muscovy Pact, and join the war.
  • The Papal States demand Castile to cede Naples. Castile concedes and the Papacy joins the Anti-Austrian League.


  • The Wattasids are conquered by Algiers, which becomes the Maghreb.
  • As Aragon is being conquered by Castile, it joins the Muscovy League, and the League overwhelms Castile.


  • The Habsburgs and their allies begin peace negotiations with the Muscovy League.
  • The Ottomans and France sign a secret non-aggression pact.
  • The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth join the Muscovy League.


  • The Long War ends.


  • Lombardy becomes an elector of the Holy Roman Empire. The Habsburgs invade and conquer Lombardy, usurping the electorate.
  • The Russian Tsardom gifts Upper Lithuania and Minsk to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • Berber Separatists rebel in the Maghreb.
  • Bavaria gives England electoral status in the Holy Roman Empire.


  • Russia sends an ultimatum to the Kazakh Khanate, but the Ottoman Empire forces them to cease all hostilities.


  • Lorraine, Westphalia, Wallonia, and Bohemia ally and declare war on the Habsburg Empire and England. Bohemia is thrown out of the Muscovy League.


  • The Ottomans begin introducing firearms into its military on a massive scale.
  • France and Sweden join the war.


  • Ottoman Prussia is ceded to Poland for an alliance. The Ottomans, Poles, and Portuguese then join the war.


  • Maghreb declares independence from the Ottomans.


  • Maghreb invades most of the Ottomans. The Ottomans then begin using guns in their military amd overwhelm the Maghreb.
  • The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth submits to the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Russian Tsardom mobilizes against the Ottomans with Chinese firearms.
  • The Ottoman Empire occupy most of Europe.


  • The Ottoman Empire organizes Europe into client states.
  • The Russian Tsardom declares war on the Ottoman Empire.


  • A stalemate is reached between the Ottomans and Russia.
  • The Ming and Tokugawa Shogunate submit to the Ottoman Empire.


  • The Ottoman Empire controls the world.
  • The simulation is deleted by the Otis Ray Foundation.