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For the real-life country, see United States of America

Have you ever imagined a world at peace? A world without war, without turmoil. A world where everyone can be happy.
~ United States of America (Pax Americana: Precedently)

The 'United States of America (USA)', 'is a federal republic in North America, and one of two main protagonists of Pax Americana and an important character of Pax Britannica Nova within the Paxverse.

The United States led the West to victory in the Third World War and founded the Council of Liberty in its aftermath, ushering in a Western-led era pf peace known as Pax Americana. At the turn of the 22nd century, when DAWN began attacking governments, the United States led the Council in its investigations of the perpetrator and attempted to uphold liberty. The United States led the Council during the Fourth World War before switching to the IIA.

After the Fourth World War, the American reputation was shattered, and the United Kingdom began to dominate global affairs, assuming leadership of the Council of Liberty. The Second American Civil War started immediately after World War Four, forcing the United States to reform into a unitary republic, renaming itself into the American Unitary Republic. America would restore it's federal republic and readopt it's old name once the nation left its state of isolation and entered The Final Dissension. 

In mapping, the United States was well received by critics, who praised its downward spiral into arguable villainy by Episode 8.


Pre-World War Three

The United States was contacted by Russia in 2018, and the two planned to send assassins to eliminate the government of China. However, the United States, guilt-ridden, eventually backed out of the plan after telling the United Kingdom. Their relations soured with Russia, and the two went their separate ways.

After this, the United States began discussing a grand plan with the United Kingdom, to spread democracy and liberty around the world. They began fanatically obsessing over the idea, and intensify relations with the East. They also create a permanent settlement on Mars, yet extra-terrestrial activities are soon forgotten by lack of interest.

The United States may have also funded the Russian Coalition, a rebellion in Russia in 2023.

World War Three

After Russia's declaration of war on Ukraine, the United States, along with the rest of NATO, declared war on Russia. Multiple nations chose sides, and, despite initial failures, the US and it's allies won the Third World War.


The United States of America is a 50-state country, solely in North America.