I saved you all from dying Segments! I chose you because you were the brightest minds! Can't you help me? I don't want to be known as the man who killed the universe. The destroyer of the cosmos. I want to save it.
~ Appalachia

Appalachia is an interdimensional genocider seeking to collapse the multiverse, and the main antagonist of Imperialis' PIM Alternate Future of the World.


The Appalachian Government, as described by Imperialis.

The regime and daily lives of Appalachian citizens has only been described once by Imperialis. Judging off of his description, Appalachia likely operates with a phenomenon called "swarm intelligence", which is the collective behavior of decentralized entities to achieve a common goal. To picture this, an example of swarm intelligence is a flock of birds. Appalachian citizens can enjoy high liberties, as long as they fulfill their function to the highest degree. To compare to real life examples, Appalachia is likely similar to Yugoslavia in the Tito era.

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