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This page generally refers to the Ardumus from Ambrosio Ioannou's 8128th attempt at world domination.

You didn't... you didn't earn this. You don't deserve any of your little victories.
~ Ardumus, 2101

Ardumus, likely known officially as the People's Republic of Ardumus, was a socialist republic in Iberia and the deuteragonist of Eradiate's Alternate Future of Europe.

Ardumus came to be in 2026, after a communist uprising in Spain. It immediately formed an alliance with Graxum, and began spreading its influence along side it. The pair, along with Russia, bested a coalition set out to defeat them in the Third World War. Ardumus then however severed all ties with Graxum after discovering it to be heartless, and opposed it during the Fourth World War, eventually collapsing by Graxum's own hand.

Ardumus is generally considered to be a well-made character with a decent redemption arc and general development. Most consider it to be a more relatable character than Graxum itself, and some consider it to be the best in the series.


1978-2025: Background

The modern Kingdom of Spain was formed in 1978 after the death of Francisco Franco.

2026-2040: Alliance with Graxum

In 2026, communist rebels overthrew the Spanish government and formed the People's Republic of Ardumus. Ardumus' plan to create a cure for death is known by Graxum and the two form an alliance. In 2028, Ardumus invades and annexes the Canary Islands which had seceded during the civil war. The next year, Graxum and Ardumus discuss an alliance with Russia. Ardumus invades Tunisia in 2035 and offers it to Italy in exchange for a non-aggression pact, which Italy accepts.

2041-2048: World War III

Ardumus joins Graxum and Russia in their war against the coalition. The next year, Ardumus invades Portugal. They are invaded by France but are able to win on both fronts. In 2046, Ardumus demands former Spanish colonies from Morocco and gains them peacefully. After Western Europe collapses, Ardumus joins Russia in a two-front invasion of France and succeeds.

In the Treaty of Thessaloniki, Ardumus is granted the satellite states of the Dutch Socialist Republic and People's Republic of Belgium, as well as the People's Republic of France which exists in southern France, while Ardumian forces occupy northern France.

2049-2057: Post-War Period

In 2049, Catalan rebels declare independence but fail. Two years later, Ardumus questions Graxum's honor and morals for the first time, asking why the killing of German generals was necessary. In 2052, the PRF is reunited with France on the condition that territories are given to Ardumus and Occitanie is demilitarized. In 2056, Ardumus questions Graxum again about the Eurasian Union's aggressiveness. The next year, Ardumus and Algeria invade Morocco and split it.

2058-2066: Split with Graxum

Ardumus releases France from occupation. In 2062, Ardumus expresses worry about the newly formed French Empire. In 2066, Ardumus engages in a conversation with Graxum, who tells him that all of their endeavours are part of one big game of power. Ardumus calls Graxum a maniac and breaks his alliance with him.

2067-2090: Alliance with Eurasia

In 2076, Ardumus colonizes Mauritania. In 2085, Ardumus allies with the Eurasian Union and gives him the cure for death.

2091-2101: World War IV and Collapse

After the invasion of Switzerland, Ardumus and Eurasia declare war on Graxum and France, joining forces with North Germany and the United Kingdom. Corsica is occupied by France early in the war. The next year, Belgium surrenders to France. When Italy is invaded in 2094, Ardumus invades southern France. When the corruption of Eurasia is revealed by Graxum, Ardumus is blamed for giving him the cure for death. In 2098, Ardumus gains military access from Algeria and invades Graxine North Africa, but the invasion is repelled. By 2100, all Ardumian territories outside of Iberia are occupied, and a two-front invasion of Ardumus begins. In 2101, with Madrid under siege, Graxum explains to Ardumus that he is in possession of a time machine and that is how he is able to correctly predict the moves of his enemies. Ardumus denies this initially, but then comes to accept his fate and surrenders.