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Atlas, also known as Royal Mapping, is an American mapper. He began mapping in July 2016 and is active to this day. However, Royal has begun uploading other mappers' content.

His contributions to mapping as a medium include the introduction of terrain maps and modern infoboxes. Atlas has made videos in virtually all genres of mapping, including Classical, First, Second and Third Wave Edge, and Countryball.

Royal has also had a modest impact on the mapping community, founding the subreddit r/mapping and winning Grand Mapper: Tides of the Atlantic. Atlas is a devoted follower of His Holiness ArceusFan2020, the Shining Star of Mapping and the First Mapper.

Mapping Career

Phase I

Atlas discovered mapping through CosmicMapping's Alternate Future of the World and began uploading videos on the Royal Mapping channel. His first three series, Alternate Future of America, Alternate Future of the World, and Alternate History of Europe, were inspired by classical mappers such as Super LV, Serbian Mapping, and Burke Mapping. They featured maps that were of above average quality for the time, but were lacking in plot and character development. He eventually decided to reupload Eradiate's AFOE and monetize it in December of 2020, much to the dismay of the community. This chain of events combined with a request from Eradiate lead to Atlas taking the video down.

Phase II

In late 2016, Atlas began watching Eradiate and decided that he should put more effort into the narrative aspect of his videos. As a result, he brought his Alternate Future of the World series to an abrupt end and began a new series, Alternate Future of Europe, in January 2017. Although Eradiate himself praised this series, Atlas abandoned it in favor of an Alternate History of Europe because he believed it too closely mirrored the plot of Eradiate's Alternate Future of Europe. However, Atlas' Alternate History of Europe was quickly abandoned as well.

Phase III

In July 2017, Atlas returned to mapping with a new channel (Atlas) and a new series, Contact. Contact was inspired by Second Wave mappers including Proxima and Imperialis. Contact initially received high praise for its leaps in graphics; it introduced terrain maps and modern infoboxes. However, some viewers criticized its plot and characters. Due to drama in the community, Atlas would once again take a break from mapping, leaving Contact unfinished.

Phase IV

In January 2018, Atlas returned to the Royal Mapping channel, making one episode of Alternate Future of the World in Countryballs before taking another leave absence. In addition to being his most viewed video, it received widespread praise—it is considered to be one of the best Countryball mapping videos ever made.

Phase V

In September 2018, Atlas began working on a new series, Alternate History: World War 1, which would be uploaded to the Royal Mapping channel in three parts. The third and final part was uploaded on Jun 28, 2019, making it the second series Atlas has ever completed. Although this series is considered to be Atlas' best work, it received criticism for the format of its ending. In response to these criticisms, Atlas and George Andreou collaborated to re-release an updated version of the series in the form of a one part movie, which was uploaded to the Atlas channel on March 25, 2020.

Phase VI

Atlas is currently working on a series, ALTERNATE FUTURE OF THE WORLD [COUNTRYBALLS], which will be released around June 2020.