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Bamal was a country located on the isthmus connecting Antebar and Estal. Shortly after beating Jasua, Oppia forced Bamal to unite with Holk to form Bamal-Holk in the Year 141.


Bamal was founded at the same time as Bamal Yev and shared culture with them, which was reason enough for one Bamalian King to go to war in an attempt to conquer Bamal Yev, but they were defeated by the Jasuan Empire.

Bamal was heavily affected by the Red Silent.

Bamal later, after years of raids from the Aresian Berbers, attacked them but lost, resulting in a weakining of their nation and the annexation of an anarchistic Bamal-Yev.

Bamal did not join Jasua in the Jasuan-Oppian war, and, after the war ended, was reorganised into Bamal-Holk.