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Example of a Discord tag to spread the copypasta.

The Barbell Copypasta is a copypasta from the Mapping Community. It first started when Barbell won Mapper Tournament 6 with his Alternate History of the Solar System, defeating Providence. Aen, the organizer of the tournament, wrote a text congratulating Barbell for the unlikely victory, which quickly spread in Discord servers across the community, with their owners often tagging everyone.


Dwarf IX - Suscpicion -MT6 WINNER SUBMISSION-

Barbell's winning video that created the copypasta

The copypasta states:

"Barbell, the winner of Mapper Tournament 6, is a brilliant mapper. He is exploiting an untapped region of mapping with fervour and skill, manipulating it into one of the best mapping series I have ever seen. The plot is truly breathtaking, captivating, and worth every ounce of my time. It is so different to traditional mapping, and yet so similar that we are forced to admire the thought and passion that has gone into making these videos. Congratulations to Barbell for putting on an amazing show, and winning Mapper Tournament 6. Here is his winning video:"