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We destroyed the wiki not because we declared war; it's because we wanted it to be destroyed. Socities[sic] have their ups and downs, but it's a part of life. When we're at our downs, all we do is go back up again.
~ Batran99, October 7 2014[1]

Batran99, also known as 99Batran, is an American former mapper. He mapped from mid-2012 to mid-2015, despite still being an active and influential member of the community.

Batran is 21+ years old and lives in Maryland, United States.

Batran first watched MervueMeringue's The History of Europe in mid-2012, and created a non-canonical continuation of the series before branching off to create original content.

Batran is commonly known as the third mapper after TheJarJar99, and is one of the founding fathers of mapping. His content and wiki was crucial for the early spreading of mapping and is often called a founding father of the mapping community.

Batran founded and owns TheFutureofEuropes Wiki, the first mapping community. He is arguably the most important individual in the history of Mapperdonia as a community, as his ownership of TFoE dominated the community until Google + began to replace Wikia. He also helped popularized Official Nations with Brabrantium.

Batran is a founding member of MapperCast.

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