"The wars will continue until the end. They will make the end. We will make the end. It's over, my friend."

Bava was the third culture of Famana. They went to war with Kashroon twice, winning both times. Bava also went to war with Maky in the defence of Vaximor. Bava lost the war and was conquered by Maky, which was immediately afterwards was conquered by Ga Xal. Bava invented the Bavatis.


Bava was created at year 6. That same year Maky came in contact with Bava and started the first official trading between nations in Famana. After a while, the relations between the two increased, and Bava and Maky became allies. After some exploration with Maky, Bava found Kashroon and offered them to become a part of their trade system. Kashroon saw how rich Bava and Maky were and wanted to get their riches by declaring war on Bava, beginning The First Kashroon War. Bava's ally Maky rushed into war on Bava's side. They won the war and make Kashroon pay for declaring war on Bava. After some time Bava got curious of what was beyond the Gomic Sea and invented the bavatis. Bava and Maky went on the first sea exploration using the bavatis. Their bavatis sank because of Bava's curiosity even when Maky warned them. After Dyri, Zakon and Kars were created, Bava and Maky told them about trading and offered them too join if they want to trade. Bava began expanding and came too close to Kashroon's borders. Bava and Maky got sick of Kashroon and declared war on them in the Second Kashroon War. They won the war and erased Kashroon from the map.

Fall of Bava

After tasting power, Maky started to become more power Hungary and imperialistic every day. Bava got disturbed and worried about Maky as they started to threaten their neighboring countries. Bava stopped the trade between the two nations. After Maky declared war on Vaximor, Bava rushed to help Vaximor and declared war on Maky. Maky won the war using Bava‘s own creation, the bavatis. On the verge of death, Bava saw Ga Xal and gave Maky a speech before there death that they will also get annexed by Ga Xal[Xal|.] At year 76, Bavians got their independence once again in the form of Jagama.

Jagama was later almost annexed by Moria, after Moria won the war it was peacefully annexed by the Second Maky Kingdom.

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