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We have lived peacefully for 63 years under Gauche’s command and we are not defecting now.
~ Belarus

Belarus is a former puppet state of Gauche and a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, as well as the deuteroganist of Frkon's Gauche and a recurring character in Hague.

Belarus was a puppet state of Gauche formed after the war of xx00. He was a close friend to Poland and a deuteragonist in Gauche. He was only featured in the Gauche series, but had a very notable mention in Hague.

Initially, Belarus is very loyal to Gauche and doubts Poland's suspicions about Gauche. Even if Gauche is hiding some things from it's puppets, Belarus sees it as unnecessary to question Gauche. Later, he realises that Gauche must be defeated. A lot of the series is Poland and Belarus reacting to things happening around Europe and discussing Gauche's competence.

Poland asked Belarus many random questions that made Belarus annoyed at Poland's inquisitive behaviour. One of the questions was "where do bananas come from?". In XX63, Belarus assumes that Poland is going to ask another stupid question, but when Poland informs him about the book, Belarus doesn't know what it is and immediately suggests asking Gauche concerning Poland's discovery. When Poland questions Gauche, Belarus reassures him that Gauche can be trusted to protect them. Gauches response is for Poland to immediately burn the thing, which Poland questions and once again. Belarus firmly tells Poland to listen to Gauche, but this time Poland decided not to. Slovakia tells Belarus to abandon Poland as he is a lost cause, but Belarus tells Slovakia to shut up as he cares and worries for Poland. In XX64, Transylvania reveals the there are Hungarian rebelling in his country and once again, Belarus immediately suggests notifying Gauche. When Gauche is notified of the issue, Belarus is outraged at their solution, which is the first time that Belarus's loyalty to Gauche falters. This happens again when the telecommunications with Ukraine fails and Belarus damned Gauches technology. in XX66, when the Yugoslav civil War commenced, Belarus did NOT immediately suggest informing Gauche, which shows how Belarus had started to distrust Gauches judgement and instead, decides to let it happen. In XX67, Belarus decides to be cautious and only send mediocre troops to assist Greek forces when Arabia attempted to advance into the Balkans. When the units sent to Greece mysteriously disappear from the lightristic maps, Gauche says that the troops had perished in the conflict. For the first time Belarus directly mistrusts Gauche and admits that Gauche is definitely concealing something from them and the other puppets. He begins to question Gauches competence and worry about their rule. Belarus tells Poland to directly disobey Gauches orders by not burning the book, which marks the end of Belarus's loyalty and submittance to Gauche.

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