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Black December, also known as the Final TMC Raids or the December 3 TMC Raids, was a nuking of The Second Mapping Community's Discord server and Google Plus community by various staff members of The Mapping Discord on December 3, 2018. Both platforms of the community were deleted immediately after by Saphirkartierung.

In the waning days of the TMC-TMD Rivalry of early December 2018, when The Mapping Discord had all but cast The Second Mapping Community into irrelevancy, Saphirkartierung illegally promoted Valor, a prominent figure because of his previous attempts to "unite mapping", to a moderator on TMC after a call with him and Sundalanian. A couple of days later, Valor gave Colonial Mapper (and his alternative account Monkey Mapping, which at the time was still considered by the general public to be a separate individual), Ankhor, and Diamel Mapping administrative permissions on TMC, and the four of them nuked TMC's Discord and Google Plus. After flooding chat and deleting a majority of the channels in the Discord, banning over 300 members from the Discord, banning well over 400 members on the G+, and deleting all posts on the G+ via deleting the channels, Saphirkartierung deleted both communities about an hour after the raids concluded.

Black December was the end of The Mapping Community as a respected entity in Mapperdonia, and The Third Mapping Community and its successors were generally openly mocked. It forced The Third Mapping Community and The Mapping Discord into a merger with the Diarchy of Mapping, which allowed YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge to ratify the Dolphin Accords and paved the way for Mapperdonia to be dominated by the Diarchy.

While the member base of The Second Mapping Community was practically nonexistent by the time of the nuking, and although opinions were split on how good of a community TMC was and how effective its administration was, most mappers condemned the raids[1], with some comparing it to the Burning of the Library of Alexandria[2]. It shaped community politics for months to come and is arguably the most important event in the history of The Mapping Community, and potentially on Discord as a whole.

Timeline of Events

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On the 22nd of November, 2018, Colonial resigned from his Rotative Mod position[3]. Two minutes later, before his role was officially removed, he pinged everyone multiple times to advertise The Mapping Discord. Galack resigned the following day, leaving Plakeland and Sapphire as owners[4].

On the 1st of December, 2018, Sapphire, against all protocol, promoted Valor directly to Moderator. Saphirkartierung did this after a call with Valor and Sundalanian, believing that Valor deserved his position back.

On the 3rd of December 2018, Diamel went online. He, along with Ankhor and Colonial, utilised peer pressure to get Valor to give them moderator permissions. TMC was destroyed and nuked within minutes. The Discord was deleted about thirty minutes after the raid began. Saphirkartierung tried his best to fix the server channels and remove the moderator permissions, but he was too slow in comparison. Echobaton also tried to help in this process but to no avail. After losing over 300 members from the pruning at the beginning of the raid and bannings that occurred during it, Saphirkartierung pulled the plug on the server, deleting it, after thirty minutes of raiding. Many are in the belief the G+ was never raided, except it was. During the attacks, all other moderators had been demoted and every channel, except the rarely used Announcements channel, had been deleted, thus erasing almost all of TMC's history on G+. About forty-five minutes after the raids began, Saphirkartierung pulled the plug on the G+. This meant that TMC couldn't utilise that secondary platform, which had just under 1200 members, as a foundation to rebuild the next TMC Discord. It would never recover to the size it was. Saphirkartierung has also admitted on multiple occasions that deleting the G+ was something he shouldn't have done and was a bad impulse decision. However, much of the pressure for deletion wasn't from his own head. CheezeWafflz, one of the silent participants in the raid, had DMed Saphirkartierung, telling him to "[You] might as well use this as an excuse to end it now," and "People will thank you eventually...and basically everyone outside of the TMC will love you.[5]" Saphirkartierung wasn't seen as a "good" figure in Mapperdonia, instead, he was seen as someone who was helping what many considered one of the worst, and "cringy" as some put it, mapping servers, so the promise of seen favorably resonated with what he wanted. After the series of DMs with CheezeWafflz, Saphirkartierung pulled the plug on TMC, much to the disapproval of fellow staff members.

After the "Final Raids", also known as 3/12, Georgios Andreou, started an open letter to The Mapping Community's killers, condemning their actions. Later, he would go on to say he only started the letter as not to be rude, and he was actually happy it happened, since it meant the Diarchy would become the largest non-channel mapping community.