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I will reunite Yugoslavia, and I will do anything to achieve that goal! I don't care if I have to sacrifice millions of lives; I will unite us for the greater good of the Balkans!

The Bosnian Order State, commonly abbreviated to Bosnia, is a recurring character and villain in Alternate Future of Dark Europe The Movie.


War on Croatia and Slovenia

In 2020, Bosnia invaded Croatia and Slovenia, to help realize the goal of reunifying the countries previously in Yugoslavia. It then noticed Kosovo and declared war on it, too. However, since Kosovo was in Bulgaria's Pact, Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia intervened and declared war on Bosnia. Bosnia easily invaded and annexed Slovenia and Croatia, yet was pushed back by Kosovo and its allies. After forcing the Croats and Slovenians to surrender, the Bosnians concentrated their entire force onto the pact, and began to push them back, eventually reaching a stalemate.

Alliance With Bosnia

After the Bosnian war with Bulgaria's Pact, Transnistria approached the Bosnians and offered an alliance. After some initial reluctance, Bosnia eventually accepted.