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Brazilian's Mapping Chat is a Discord server based around the channel of Brazilian Mapping, although the chat is pretty diversified. It is one of the most active mapping discords and has 413 members. It also hosted the Cup of Mapperdonia 2 and the first Cup of Nations.


The first message ever sent in the BMC, the owner pinging himself.


Brazilian's Mapping Chat was founded by Brazilian Mapping on February 4th 2018. The first message posted was a ping of Brazilian to himself and the first member was Khan Productions.

First Ryan Crisis

On August 5th 2018, Ryan left for the first time. Ryan was by far the most active member back then and the most experienced theorist, so him leaving created much chaos. The crisis began over a silly role dispute between Etiennal and Ryan, that escalated surprisingly quick. It was the only reason invoked at the time, but we discovered afterwards many other reasons caused what seemed to be an overreaction.

"Loose, messy, unfollowed rules. Desperation for activity often causes shitty conversations of just 'Who pinged'. Staff is unorganized"

After some time, the situation calmed down and Ryan expressed his remorses:

"If it improves perhaps. I made too big of a deal out of me leaving anyways, I'm sorry for Braz. I was pissed and all. Petty."

Ryan rejoined the server on August 8th, with an alt account and rejoined with his main account on the 12th, thus ending the First Ryan Crisis.

Acitivty chart on July/August 2019, the peak shows when the Crusade was done.

The Crusade

The Crusade, also called The Activity Crusade or The Inactivity Crusade, was an event created by Rares on the 3rd of August, 2019.

When Rares went on vacation during Mid-July, the server started to be inactive, getting less than 10k messages per day or even less than 5k.

Rares talking about The Crusade.

Rares noticed this and started planning a Crusade on activity, the main goal was to get 20k messages in a single day, something that only happened once before and also make the server more active again. The date selected was on the 3rd of August.

When the date arrived, the server remained active the entire day and broke all the records of activity, getting 21k messages in a single day, and thus ending The Crusade.


Staff and Government Roles

The Council

The Council is constituted of 5 people, rarely changing. Major changes are decided democratically by this entity, with the owner having the right to veto. Brazilian Mapping, BIG MAC, MerpKing, Aimless and Ryan (Tarta) are in the Council. It is the equivalent of an administrator. Former councillors were Darth1nsidious7, Complex, Etiennal, Trantor (for a short period time) and Ferum.

Lord Speaker

The Lord Speaker is de jure leader of the moderators and has a few responsibilities, such as:

- Speak for the lower staff and represent it to the Council

- Create staff votes in #staff-announcements

Trantor currently possesses this role, succeeding to MerpKing.

The House of Lords

The equivalent of the moderator position, this role is mostly for law enforcement. The owners of this role have access to the private staff chat and can discuss server issues with the Council members. Only Trantor, Danieer, Frisia and Rares hold this role.

Rotative Lord

It works the same as the moderator role, this role is an elected position gained every month. Currently, Breton possesses this role.

House of Commons

Before the June Monthly Update, it was a role owned by Trial moderators. If after a month of trial moderatorship, they are deemed worthy, they access the full moderator position (House of Lords).

It is now an elected position, every month.

Royal Court roles


Owned by Brazilian Mapping, a.k.a. Wallep, eternal and supreme ruler of the server.


Owned by Etiennal, a.k.a. Opti Mapping & Animation, the loyal advisor and diplomat of Brazilian Mapping.


Owned by Ryanlandia, former theorist and another plot advisor.

Royal Artist

Owned by BIG MAC, the one who does great artworks at #art-gallery.

Royal Statistician

Owned by MerpKing, who does server statistics at #statistics and is chief of the Moderator team.

Royal Prince & Lord Speaker

Owned by Trantor, Brazilian's arch-nemesis and heir to the throne.

Royal Propagandist

Owned by Aimless, Brazilian's Minister of Media.

Royal Gamer

Owned by Frisia.

Royal Canary

Owned by Danieer.

Royal Diddler

Owned by Rares.


Owned by Breton.

Royal Chancellor

Owned by Complex, former Admin and the (primary) host of Battle Royales and Weekly Hunger Games.

Captain & Defender

Owned by Darth1nsidious7, former Admin and host of the Jokester Contest, as well as plot advisor.

Royal Theorist

Owned by the ones in charge of theorizing on my series, its past and its future. Held by BIG MAC, Aimless and Ben.

Royal Jester

A role awarded to the winner of the Jokester Contests.

Special roles

-Basileus: A role awarded to Ferum.

-Gypsy: Owned by Neim, yet another plot advisor, and Rares.

-HG Weekly Winner: A role awarded to the winner of the Weekly Hunger Games minigame.

-Champion of Mapperdonia: A role awarded to Imperial Mapping, winner of Cup of Mapperdonia 1 and who successfully defended his title in CoM 2, hosted here.

Self Roles

-Minigamer: For the people who follow minigames in general.

-Paradox Player: For the people who play games of Paradox Interactive.

-BNN: For the people who follow Brazilian's News Network.

-Battle Royaler: For the people who follow Battle Royale games.

-Perfect Game: For the people who follow the Perfect Game game.

-Footballer: For the people who like football.

-Minecraft: For the people who play Minecraft.

-MT14 Participant: For the people who participate in Mapping Tournament 14

-HG Spectator: For the people who follow Hunger Games game.

Leveled roles

Until February 17th, 2019, there were 8 roles earnable by Tatsumaki points:

Bengali (1,000), Nerasid (3,000), Milanese (5,000), Spanish (10,000), Neapolitan (20,000), Polish (35,000), Grandmaster (50,000) and God (150,000)

After February 17th, the roles changed to:

Irapi (1,000), Ayyubid (3,000), Milanese (5,000), English (10,000), Spanish (20,000), Anatolian (35,000), Nerasid (50,000), Polish (75,000), Italic (100,000) and Cuman (150,000).

These roles follow Brazilian Mapping 's AHOE theme, being nationalities of nations appearing in the series.

There is also the Royal Jester role, earnable by winning the monthly joke contest held by Darth1nsidous7.

Commoner Roles

-Sardinian Explorer: Owned by anyone who joins the server.

-Brazilian Immigrants: Owned by people who live in (or used to) Brazil, obviously Brazilian's country.

-Seized: Owned by people who are muted.

-Bots: Beep boop


Brazilian's Mapping Chat is part of the Mapperdonian Station and a partner of the Village of Mapping, the Community of Mappers, and Teetoukay.

Monthly Updates

The monthly updates concept, inspired by the Diarchy, was first put in place on October 17th, 2018 by Etiennal. There is a monthly update on the 2nd of every month.



Mid-October Revolution Update

New Channels System

The Chatting category shall from now on be made up of 7 permanent channels (#degeneral-english, #ryan- theorizing-spoilers, #suggestions, #games, #mapping-arts-and-advertising, #memz and #bots ) and 3 monthly channels which will be chosen by public votes. Out of these three monthly channels, one must be a language channel (#dégénéral-français, #macedonian, #degeral-português, #español, #deutsch or #slavic ), although you can vote for more than one language channel. The two others can be anything in the Optional Channels category except the contests channels and #archived-announcements.

Fun fact

As of today, you can smoke cannabis legally in Canada if you're 18+.

~ By Etiennal


November Monthly Update

Roles Reforms

@Noble is now a colour-only role

Jokester is now Royal Jester and is a visible role

@Royal Artist is now a royal court and a visible role. Congrats to @BIG MAC for earning it with its amazing drawings!

Channels Reforms

#counting now exists. Every hundred gets pinned so hurry up to catch the next one!

#spoilers is now archived since it was dead and no one cared about it anyways

#fanfic was created. Just please don't look there...


The Monthly Update will now always be the 2nd of every month.

We will probably have weekly polls from now on in #polls

Important fact

We will commemorate on November 11th the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice of 1918, which brought an end to World War One. Remember the fallen ones.

~By Etiennal


December Monthly Update

Role Reforms

- Due to Intermarium's passing, the Council has decided that the @Royal Prince position shall go to Brazilian's uncle, @MerpKing. Congratulations!

- @House of Commons (Trial Mods) is now a role given to a potential mod elected by staff for training. With a period of 15 days to choose it as a mod or not.

- @Royal Chancellor is now a role given to @Complex. He will also be the one to hold weekly polls from now on.

Channel Reforms

- #suggestions has been archived and merged with #ryan-suggestions-and-theorizing.

- #mapperdonian-station has been created as part of this server's partnership with the Mapping Station.

Moderation reforms

- After undergoing a trial period of 15 days, @BIG MAC is now officially our newest mod. Congratulations!

- @Trantor is now officially a new Trial Mod! Congratulations too!


- Warns now will have an expiration date of 2 weeks so watch out!

- Ladies and gentlemen, the staff is honoured to announce that we will be hosting the Cup of Mapperdonia's Season 2! Bucko and Ferum will be giving explanations on the tournament and format soon.

Notable Facts

- Christmas is coming soon!

- No Nut November is over. Rejoice, perverts.

- Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the beginning of Dilma's impeachment process. Huzzah!

~By Complex



January Monthly Update: Happy New Year 2019!

Roles Reforms

The Noble role was deleted

Staff custom roles are now invisible

Channels Reforms

The whole "Cup of Mapperdonia" category popped up ( #com2-announcements , #com2-voting , #com2-discussion , #com2-suggestions )

#finished-battle-royales was created to support the country battle royales trend #power-struggle was created and archived

#anime-fanfic-larping-weeb-cont-colon-urmumgay-nou-kek is now even more of an enlarged abomination

#italiano per gli italiani

#sirius-programming-chat now exists. The name says it all

Moderation reforms

@Trantor is now a moderator!

@Victae, after winning unanimously the vote, is now our new Trial Moderator!


Member Count: 187

User Count: 176

Bot Count: 11

Higher Tatsumaki score (Brazilian): 207,141


We got @Member Count!

Warns now expire after 2 months (now you should really watch out)

We had some flag contest, @BIG MAC won!

Trivia facts

It's my birthday in 10 days yay, I will be ▓▓ years old!

Bolsonaro is now officially head of state in Brazil


~By Etiennal


February Monthly Update: ONE YEAR!!!

Role Reforms

Royal Prince became Royal Statistician and is now invisible.

Royal Renderer is now a thing.

Channel Reforms

#statistics was created

#rules and #info were split again

#punishmentboard is now invisible to the general public

Moderation reforms

@Victae and @Neim are now mods! Congratulations!


Member Count: 237

User Count: 225

Bot Count: 12

Highest Tatsumaki score (me): 245,646


We got @[|] Chess!

Etiennal left for now ;(((

Trivia facts

Well... You know.

One year ago, on February 4th, 2018, I decided I would create a Discord server for myself. And so I did. One year and 237 members later, here we are.

Mates, thank you, thank you to every single one of you. It's been an incredible experience owning this server. I made friends, I got inspiration for my series... just... amazing.

Special thanks to all of the @Staff, my friends, to @Khan Productions for actually being the first member besides me and of course, to all of you.


By the way, we are organizing an 1-year anniversary event, more details coming later today. Thank you.

No video shoutout today because the thumb takes up half of the screen and I want you to read everything ;(

~By Brazilian



Sorry for the ping, but it’s time for the...March Monthly Update!!!

Role Reforms!

A complete leveled-roles reform has been done. You can check it by doing “t!leveledroles” in #bots

The Order of Purity and the Pervert roles have been deleted.

@Royal Artist has been created, they have several responsibilities relating to leading the House of Lords.

Channel Reforms!

Pinboard was changed into the #hall-of-lame where mods can post memes and stuff. Now important things are pinned in that channel.

#brazilian-news-network has been created where @Ryanlandia can post news about the server.

The Games ‘n’ Stuff category as been created with several channels dedicated to gaming and music.

The Cup of Nations category has been created with several channels dedicated to CoN1, a new tournament being hosted here!

Moderation Reforms!

@Neim has been promoted from House of Commons to House of Lords. Congrats Neim!

@BIG MAC has been promoted to Lord Speaker and will be in charge of the moderators! Very nice, Turin!


Member Count: 275

User Count: 263

Bot Count: 12

Now that’s some nice growth!

The top five in tatsu points are as follows:

1. Brazilian: 279,561 points

2. Complex: 177,591 points

3. Big Mac: 169,379 points

4. Etiennal: 120,133 points

5. Darth1nsidious7: 106,362 points


We now have a server game, New World Empires!

We have partnered with Mapperstash(A cool mapping website)! Link is above

Some fun facts!

The Mughal army defeated Bengal on March 3rd, 1575

Florida was admitted as the 27th U.S state on March 3rd, 1845

The Missouri Compromise was established on March 3rd, 1820

Bulgaria gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire on March 3rd, 1878(Thanks Vicc for reminding me)

Russia signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March 3rd, 1918

The Ottoman Caliphate officially ended on March 3rd, 1924

Till next time, have a great day!

~By Darth


April Monthly Update

Role Reforms

@CoN Host was made for the Cup of Nations's hosts

The old useless Paduspanid Emperor role was renamed "Ministry of Media" and given to @Aimless

@Perfect Game was created for the ongoing minigame's participants

The "New World Empires" role was deleted, as the server wide game is now finished

Lord Speaker was renamed to Lord Speaker & Artist

Cool Boyz is now a role for Brazilian's friends (nostalgics of children of goober rise up)

Battle Royaler is now a thing

The BNN role is now a thing for those who wish to be pinged when #brazilian-news-network posts some news

Channel Reforms

#football has been created to please the ever-growing football/soccer fans population

The whole Battle Royale category was created, including #br-annoucements , #br-general , #br-information , #br-tutorial and #br-gallery (previously #finished-battle-royales)

The Games n' Music category was created out of the games channels and the voice chat category, the following changes happened while making it up:

- The #games channel was renamed to #pdx-games and moved to this category

- #game-announcements was created

- #minigames was moved from the Chatting category to this one

- #other-games was created for games other than paradox ones

As we are hosting the first Cup of Nations, the Cup Of Nations (CON1) category is now a thing. It includes the channels: #con1-announcements , #con1-discussion , #con1-feedback and #con1-voting

There was a short-lived #trivia channel, but it was shortly deleted after a majority council vote

Finally, neo-announcements was renamed to #announcements

Moderation reforms

@Breton/Chouan is our new moderator!


Member Count: 317

User Count: 304

Bot Count: 13

The top five in tatsumaki points are as follows:

1. Brazilian: 311,264 points

2. Complex: 217,737 points

3. Big Mac: 196,932 points

4. Etiennal: 136,768 points

5. Darth1nsidious7: 114,892 points


We got @[/] InviteManager !

Casual facts

Charlemagne was born on April 2nd, 742


(The Monthly Update was too long to be posted in one single message)

~By Etiennal


May Monthly Update

Role Reforms

The roles of @Royal Gypsy and @Royal Prince were created for @Neim and @Trantor respectively as to grant every remaining Staff member a Royal Court status.

Footballer was created for football enthusiasts.

@Royal Theorist role was granted to @Aimless, @BenTheSoviet and @BIG MAC. Ministry of Media role was also consolidated into the former.

@HG Weekly Winner was created, to be granted to the winners of the weekly Hunger Games game in #minigames, hosted by Complex.

Channel Reforms

#anime-fanfic-larping has been renamed to #degeneracy.

#drama-and-religious-war has been renamed to #the-battleground.

Most of the Cup of Nation channels have been archived, as the tournament came to a close. Congratulations to Imperial (and Slavia)!

Moderation reforms

@Breton has resigned from his mod position.

@MerpKing has been promoted to mod. Congratulations!


Member Count: 338

User Count: 324

Bot Count: 14

Channel Count: 102

Role Count: 57

Messages sent on April: 184.709

The top five in Tatsumaki points are as follows:

1. Brazilian: 339164

2. Complex: 263840

3. BIG MAC: 219028

4. Etiennal: 148634

5. Darth1nsidious7: 119479

Go to #statistics to see the current top 10 on a graph, as well as the growth of the non-consistent top 20 over April.

Casual Facts

Anne Boleyn was arrested on May 2nd, 1536.

The PSOE - Spanish Socialist Workers' Party - which won the recent Spanish election, was founded on May 2nd, 1879.

The Anglo-Iraqi War began on May 2nd, 1941.

The USSR announced the Fall of Berlin on May 2nd, 1945. Chernobyl was evacuated on May 2nd, 1986.

Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 2nd, 2011.

That's all folks, see yall next month!


~By Brazilian


June Monthly Update @everyone Howdy y’all sorry for the ping, but it’s time for the June Monthly Update! Role Reforms! Here are last month’s role forms- @Minecraft was created for people who play Minecraft. @Deleted User has emerged victorious in the Jokester Contest and shall get the @Royal Jester role! Congrats! Channel Reforms!

  1. eurovision-and-x-country-got-talent has been created for Eurovision and country got talent things.

Since we now have a Minecraft server and a large amount of Minecraft players, #mc-announcements and #minecraft have been created. Moderation Reforms! Aimless has been promoted to mod! Good Job! We will now be establishing elections! The elections will be for 5 slots in the House of Commons. It will serve as a parliament, with new elections every month. The person most voted will become a rotation mod on top of being leader of the House of Commons. Starting now, you have 24 hours to declare candidacy(just say that you declare candidacy) in #election-applications. Also the only requirement is that you have been in the server for atleast three weeks. The victors of the election will be decided by STV voting, if you don’t know what that is, then CGP grey has a video about it. I will be resigning from my staff position. @BIG MAC will replace me in the council. I will however keep my @Captain & Defender role and host the Jokester Contests.


Member Count- 354

Bot Count- 14

Channel Count- 110(wow that’s a lot of channels)

Role Count- 59

Here’s some other neat statistics-

The Chatting Section has a total of 886,056 messages or 88.3 percent of the total messages of the server. This month it had 155,289 messages or 83.8 percent of the month’s total messages.

Here are the top ten most active people by tatsu score:

1. Brazilian-363,074(120,763 messages)

2. Complex-305,976(95,892 messages)

3. BIG MAC- 242,713(62,806 messages)

4. Etiennal- 160,961(52,900 messages)

5. Rares- 134,961(67,662 messages)

6. MerpKing- 130,232(41,320 messages)

7. Darth1nsidious7-128,078(31,192 messages)

8. Ekros- 119,573( 23,735 messages)

9. Ryanlandia- 117,556(27,455 messages)

10. Ben- 81,162(50,530 messages)

57 Percent of the messages of this server are from people on the top ten.

Fun Facts!

Here’s a day in history for every day this month-

June 1st, 1812- President James Madison asks Congress to declares war on the United Kingdom

June 2nd, 455- The Third Sack of Rome happens with Vandals plundering the city for two weeks.

June 3rd, 1940- The Battle of Dunkirk ends with British retreat.

June 4th, 1944- The City of Rome falls to allied forces, becoming the first Axis capital to fall in World War Two

June 5th(5/6), 1968- President John F. Kennedy is assassinated.

June 6th, 1944- Operation Overlord begins where allied forces land on the shore of Normandy in World War Two. This day would become known as D-Day.

June 7th, 1967- Israeli soldiers march into Jerusalem during the Six Day War

June 8th, 1861- Tennessee secedes from the United States.

June 9th, 1967- Israeli forces capture Golan Heights from Syria during the Six Day War.(edited)

June 10th, 1967- The Six Day War ends.

June 11th, 1748- Denmark adopts their Nordic Flag as the official flag of Denmark which remains as their flag to this day.

June 12th, 1990- Russia is official declared as an independent nation from the Soviet Union.

June 13th, 313- The Edict of Milan is signed giving religious freedom throughout the Roman Empire,

June 14th, 1982- Argentine soldiers surrender in the Falklands War.

June 15th, 1977- The first democratic elections in Spain begin since the death of Franco.

June 16th, 1940- A communist government is installed in Lithuania.

June 17th, 1972- The Watergate scandal begins with five White House operatives are arrested for burgling the DNC.

June 18th, 1812- The War of 1812 between the United States and the British Empire officially begins.

June 19th, 1964- The Civil Rights Act is approved by the U.S Senate.

June 20th, 1837- Queen Victoria becomes Queen of the British Empire.

June 21st, 1940- Italy begins an unsuccessful invasion of France.

June 22nd, 1870- The United States Department of Justice is created by Congress.

June 23rd, Unknown- @Deleted User is born!

June 24th, 1950- Apartheid is made official in South Africa.

June 25th, 1950- The Korean War begins with North Korea invading the South.

June 26th, 2015- Gay Marriage is legalized throughout the entire United States

June 27th, 1950- The United States declares that it will send troops in the Korean War.

June 28th, 1914- Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated in Sarajevo which would cause World War One.

June 29th, 2007- The first IPhone is released.

June 30th, 1997- The United Kingdom relinquishes control of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China.

That’s all folks! Have a fantastic day!

~By Darth1nsidious7