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Not to be confused with Brazilian mappers in general.
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"About two years ago, I was randomly wondering; "Is there a website or video or something that shows the changing borders of the world?" Little did I know, there was, and that would change my life.

Brazilian Mapping is a Brazilian mapper. He joined YouTube on June 29, 2017.


Prior to 2017

Not many details about Brazilian's life before 2017 are known, as his age and biography are redacted for all official instances. However, it is known he was born in 2005.


In early 2017, he discovered mapping, and soon went on to make his first map on MS Paint. By May, he had, and began working on his first project, "History of the 20th and 21st Centuries", a planned series which would tell the history of the world in the last 117 years with dialogue. However, due to the weight of each individual slide, he gave up on the attempt.


Brazilian's first map

After several months in the darkness, Brazilian began to have involvement in the Concordia's Shogunate Discord Server. He began making a map for a possible Alternate Future of the World by January 6th. He also first met Opti Mapping & Animation in the server. It is in the year of 2018 that Brazilian finished the 20 minute-long finale to season one of his AHOE "Mare Nostrum", which was met to much critical acclaim, with head theorist Ryanlandia later writing "oh buddy boy get out your burnt popcorn and freezing water bottles it's time to see Naples [the twist villain of the episode] kick some Muslims and punch some boaters".