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"ok" - Breton Mapping

Breton Mapping is a French Mapper. He had a mapping channel which is more a meme/shitposting channel today. He is also known as Chouan on Discord, in which he is very active; He owns a server (Breton's Realm), is head mod on The Federated Triple Order, Ex-President of the Community of Mappers, Moderator in Brazilian's Mapping Chat, Prime Minister and Administrator of the Diarchy, and Senior Moderator in The Village.

Breton became famous for being very active on discord and also by participating in Mapper Tournament X, which made him be the subject of the famous copypasta "I've been on the mapping community for almost a third of my entire life, and have seen dozens of first episodes of many series. And this video is truly a shining light in a sea of shit. It shines bleakly, because it shines in misery. Every possible flaw that a mapping video can have is in this video, EXCEPT nightcore. This video achieves everything bad that dozens of people have achieved beforehand. This video is the perfect example to show anyone and tell them " do not do this ". Good job, your video is the perfect example of all that's bad in mapping.", written by FedEx.


Before mapping

Breton Mapping was born in France, on June 3rd. His first language is French. At the age of 3, he goes to live in Munich, which became his favourite place. He was Franco-German bilingual when he left Germany at the age of 7. He still understands a lot of German today. He then lives in Prague for 4 years and in Brussels, in which he learns English and discovers Mapping, for 3 years. He now lives in France again.

Discovery of mapping

Breton always loved geography, he could name almost all the countries and their capitals and knows most of the world's national flags. It can even be said that he was mapping before knowing it actually existed because he often took paper maps and imagined stories of wars by drawing on these maps.

Breton always thought he was the only man on earth loving maps before he discovered mapping, and more precisely Ollie Bye's videos, around April 2017. He thought one day "is there a video that shows all the countries on a map since the beginning of civilization?" and searched on YouTube for months before eventually finding Ollie Bye's "History of the World" video. He declared that "the kingdom of God has come upon him". a few weeks later, by rewatching this video, he saw LV's AFOW Movie in his suggestions. He clicked by curiosity, and not expecting anything. He watched it fully and loved it. He didn't watch other mappers for a few months because when he tried, he found Romanian Mapping, whom he disliked a lot.

Activity in the community

Breton Mapping created his channel on February 16th 2018. His First video was uploaded a month later, on March 14th. He joined a Discord mapping community for the first time around this same date, by joining Ankhor's (who was "Anchor Mapping" back then) server.

He later joined the Order of the Edge, Gwylad y Ddraig (Welsh Mapping's server) and the Diarchy, among others.