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The Republic of Bulgaria, commonly abbreviated to Bulgaria, is a country in southeastern Europe, and a major character in Alternate Future of Dark Europe The Movie.


The Great Cataclysm

After the Great Cataclysm, Bulgaria, who had good national unity, was contacted by Greece through the telegraph system. Bulgaria then managed to contact Turkey. It then decided to form a pact, and invited Albania, Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo, who all joined.

Intervention Against Bosnia

In 2020, Bosnia declared war on Kosovo, Croatia, and Slovenia. Due to Kosovo being in the pact, Albania suggested that they would, along with Macedonia and Bulgaria, intervene in the war, as they were the most stable states in the pact. While Bosnia was distracted with invading Croatia and Slovenia, the pact managed to push into Bosnian territory. After forcing the Croats and Slovenians to surrender, however, the Bosnians concentrated their entire force onto the pact, and began to push them back, eventually reaching a stalemate.