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California. officially the Californian Republic, is the main protagonist of Korean Mapping 's Alternate Future of North America series from Episode 4 and onward.



After the collapse of the United States due to communication failure nationwide, it was ruled that the 50 states would govern themselves as independent nations. Due to their already strong economy and large population, California quickly rose as one of the most powerful US states. However they chose to stay quiet and neutral for a bit to see what would become of America.

Joining the ADB

Once California learned that Canada and the rest of the ADB were investigating the collapse of the US, they, along with Nevada and Florida, decided to apply to join. After some debate all three were accepted under the condition that they would be investigated for any connection to the collapse. Once they had joined the ADB, they developed a close bond with Nevada.

War on Russia

Canada declared war on Russia in 2034 over allegations that they were responsible for the death of America. However California and the rest of the ADB were hesistant to aid them, due to lack of evidence and the strength of Russian forces. After Canada was convinced to back down from the war, California decided to have a private conversation with Russia over what just occured. Russia continued to insist that they were not responsible, and California believed them.

Becoming Leader of ADB

After the collapse of Canada and Mexico, as well as the revelation of Denmark, California hesitantly assumed control of the ADB. California's doubts on their leadership skills first surfaced when they were unable to convince East Caribbea to stay in the alliance. Their uncertainty was temporarily calmed by Nevada.

Great American War

In a very controversial act, California declared war upon Cuba after they attacked East Caribbea, and inadvertently caused the Great American war. While all ADB nations survived the war with minimal losses, their allies in the Great Lakes Pact and Nashua Accords suffered heavy casualties. East Caribbea was also killed and Costa Rica was taken from Panama. After the War's conclusion with the treaty of Havana, Panama began to criticize California's actions and mistakes during the war. This led to California having an outburst, and sped up their mental decline after the reveal of Russia's betrayal.

Reconciling with Russia

Upon Russia announcing that he wanted to talk to California about something, California was adamant about ignoring him until Russia reformed as a Republic. California proceded to argue his distrust for Russia after what he did, but after listening to Russia's plea, begrudgingly accepted his proposal of an alliance. Further talks would lead California to fully forgive Russia, and even invite him to the ADB.

To be continued

(Korean Mapping AFONA Movie)