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Canada is a country located in North America, and a main character in Korean Mapping's Alternate Future of North America - The Movie. It's invasion of Greenland is the pivotal event that sets of Denmark's character arc that is the basis of the plot. After the collapse of the United States, Canada attempted to maintain peace in the Western World. However, it fails to do so, and eventually collapses itself.


Greenland War

In 2020, after the American election, the United States told Canada that it was interested in improving relations with them. Canada agreed to this. To build up its power, Canada invaded Greenland, under the excuse that Greenland does not belong to some "wannabe colonist", and that Russia may attempt to intervene after the fall of NATO. Canada invades Greenland and Denmark soon surrenders. Canada then founded the American Defense Bloc with the United States.

Collapse of the United States

In 2024, the United States was hit with an Electromagnetic Disabler Missile and collapses.