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Steven (born February 1, 2004), also known by his YouTube Channel ceplio, is an inactive American mapper. He has been mapping on-and-off since mid-2015.

Ceplio's mapping content is generally regarded as above-average, with his Alternate Future of Europe series, more so the fourth episode of the second season receiving particularly high praise.

Ceplio joined the community through TheFutureofEuropes Wiki on July 19, 2015, and is an esteemed oldfag, He was featured on MapperCast twice, and participated in Mapping Whispers.

Ceplio is one of the most influential members of Mapperdonia, holding ownership of the Community of Mappers and holding power in many other servers in Discord. He affiliates himself with KMLX and is vehemently opposed to the Credgelands.

Ceplio is one of the most controversial members in the community. While without a doubt being highly intelligent and perhaps the most capable moderator currently operating, his erratic behavior and seemingly disregard for the sovereignty of servers he dislikes, noted in the CoM-BMC War, has earned him his fair share of enemies.

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