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CheezeWafflz Realm, formerly known as CheezeWafflz Discord, is a channel-specific mapping Discord Server. It is owned by CheezeWafflz Mapping.

The server was created on July 27, 2017 by CheezeWafflz, primarily for giving frequent updates on videos to fans as well as interacting with them [1]. It quickly became one of the largest English-language mapping Discord servers, with it having the 2nd most members when records began in April 2018 [2], falling to 3rd for a few months due to Mappers Union, and keeping this title (apart from being surpassed by the Diarchy of Mapping for a few hours in July 2019[3][4]) from late 2018 right up to November 2019[5], when the Diarchy passed it and it dropped to 3rd place (it now lies in 5th place[6]). CheezeWafflz has kept ownership for the duration of the server's existence, although much of the server's decisions are made by Tomaz, who has been the server's Chief of Police Bots (head administrator) since the role was created in early 2018, as well as the other staff members.

The server was initially very popular and active, but fell into a period of inactivity after a few months, partly due to CheezeWafflz neglecting it. However, in late 2018, CheezeWafflz and the staff brought the server into what was called the 'revival period'. Many new channels and features were added, one of which being a Q&A channel that allowed CheezeWafflz to interact with fans easier. This revival period caused the server's community to become much more established and the server remains mostly active today. The server's community has close ties to Mapper's Galactic Empire's and, to a lesser extent, Japanese's Edo Bakufu's. Due to many members only having an interest in CheezeWafflz, the server's community is mostly disconnected from the general mapping community. In Mapper of the Decade, the server was voted as the third greatest mapping community of the 2010s[7].


CheezeWafflz's video announcing the opening of the server.

The Beginning

The server was created by CheezeWafflz on July 27, 2017 and made public the same day, with CheezeWafflz uploading a video to his then ~4,000 subscribers announcing that he had created the server due to frequent requests to make one from fans. The server contained two announcement channels (one dedicated to CheezeWafflz's Alternate Future of the World series), two general conversation channels, a meme channel, an advertising channel, a channel for discussing politics, two NSFW channels and a multitude of other text and voice channels. Moderator and administarator positions were given to CheezeWafflz's friends, with Tomaz quickly establishing himself as the most active moderator. The server was very active during its first few days, with one cause being CheezeWafflz releasing his much-anticipated finale to his Alternate Future of the World series on July 31, 2017, four days after the server's creation. Within two days, the server had reached 200 members.

In August 2017, rules [8] were added. August also marked the beginning of school for most of the server's members (including CheezeWafflz), which caused the server to become much more inactive. Much of the server's activity was based on CheezeWafflz and the moderators randomly pinging everyone in channels. A few channels were removed, such as #chezchezchat2 (the 2nd general channel) [9] and a section of channels based around video games was created. A role called Honorary Members was created for the most active members in the server. By now, the server had an established community.

CheezeWafflz Comes Out as a Woman

On December 1, 2017, immediately after doing the same in The Mapping Community, CheezeWafflz announced to the server that he was actually female and had been pretending to be male for a year. [10] Most people believed this and sent CheezeWafflz supportive messages, with others being more skeptical. However, after a while more perverted messages started being directed at CheezeWafflz and he, who intended this to be a simple prank at first, was both disgusted and intrigued. [11] He got one of his real life friends to post a picture of a random girl and pretend it was 'her'. This, as predicted, led to even more perverted messages. On December 10, 2017, CheezeWafflz revealed that it was all just a prank in his announcements channel. He criticised his community for being so perverted and shared 28 screenshots (not all of which were from the server) as examples. CheezeWafflz also uploaded a compilation of these screenshots to YouTube, under the title "Love this community" [12]. The video has over 17,500 views to this day.

The Period of Inactivity

After his prank, CheezeWafflz did not do very much with the server until the end of 2018, with Tomaz being given the role of head administrator and basically running the server for the year[13]. The amount of moderators was significantly reduced, with the moderator team in April 2018 consisting of Tomaz (Head Administrator), Wakean Mapping, Freezepond (Administrators), Foosh, Wave and Little Shayman (Moderators). Due to CheezeWafflz's channel continuing to perform very well, the server continued to get a lot of new members and became the second mapping server to reach 500 members on February 18, 2018[14]. It was almost passed by Japanese's Discord in members, with the gap between them being ~15 members at one point [15]. However, Japanese's Discord's growth slowed massively and CheezeWafflz's server remained the second largest. Tomaz, Wakean and Freezepond were given their own announcement channels in April 2018 (as well as an announcement channel for the 3 moderators) and these 4 channels were merged on June 15, 2018 to create #mod-announcements. [16] Some gaming channels were added in mid-2018, although these stayed largely inactive.

The Mass Demotion

On June 9, 2018, Freezepond left the server. Around an hour later, CheezeWafflz made an announcement [17] explaining that he found out that Freezepond (who is over 18) was doing fantasy sexual roleplays with minors. He showed proof and asked people to distance themselves from him. 15 hours later, CheezeWafflz made another announcement showing that Freezepond had sincerely apologised to him [18]. On the same day, Wave, Little Shayman and Peruvian Mapping (who had been a moderator for around a month) were demoted, leaving only Tomaz, Wakean and Foosh left to moderate the server.


The server's two Patreon-based roles, which were just above Honorary Member.

On July 11, 2018, CheezeWafflz made a video announcing that he had created a Patreon account[19], with some of the rewards being based around the server. Pledging 2 dollars a month would get someone the Honorary Member role, pledging 5 dollars a month would get someone the new 'Patreon Supporter' role and pledging 25 dollars a month would get someone the new 'Golden Patreon Supporter' role. (Patreon Supporter was later changed to 2 dollars and Golden Patreon Supporter to 5 dollars[20]) In addition to this, pledging 100 dollars a month would get someone an 'exclusive diamond Patreon role' as well as a shoutout in the server, but this role was never created as CheezeWafflz never expected anyone to pledge that much. As well as this, CheezeWafflz stated that he would stop posting video updates in the server, instead posting them to his private Patreon feed.

These changes got considerable backlash from CheezeWafflz's fans, especially because some people were absuing the system and removing their pledge right before actually paying money so they could get Patreon roles for a month. Eventually, on November 19, 2018, CheezeWafflz shut down his Patreon account and started posting video updates to the server again[21]. The Patreon roles were replaced with a new role, Greater Member, which was awarded for activity and placed below Honorary Member.

The Revival Period

CheezeWafflz Discord vs the Diarchy of Mapping

At the start of December 2018, CheezeWafflz Discord was the second largest mapping Discord server, with The Mapping Community holding third place at about 100 members behind [22]. However, on December 3, 2018, the December 3 Raids ocurred and The Mapping Community was deleted, with its place on the leaderboard being taken by the Diarchy of Mapping. George Andreou, the owner of the Diarchy at the time, announced the Dolphin Accords, a document that stated that the Diarchy would acquire The Mapping Discord and the Third Mapping Community, both of which were popular servers. This was a huge threat to CheezeWafflz's #2 spot, so much so that he made an announcement [23] on December 12, 2018 asking people to promote the server so it could retain its place. Two people that gave large promotions were Infiland, who promoted it in an announcement in his server [24] and Wonderwaffle Mapping, who promoted it in an announcement in Mapper's Galactic Empire [25](which had nearly 500 members at the time). This short campaign successfully kept the server ahead of the Diarchy, with CheezeWafflz making another announcement on the same day saying that the member gap had gone from 90 to 150.

The brief 'battle' with the Diarchy inspired CheezeWafflz to try and make the server more active. By now, Foosh had been promoted to administrator and Wolfhide was appointed as a new moderator. A Q&A channel was added on December 11, 2018, to make it easier for CheezeWafflz to interact with fans as well as reduce the number of people getting banned for pinging CheezeWafflz. On December 23, 2018, the server joined Mapperdonian Station. The server was now much more active than it had been for the past year.

The MEE6 Leaderboard

The MEE6 leaderboard after a couple of days.

Even though a Tatsu leaderboard had existed in the server since September 2017, MEE6 levels were introduced to the server on December 14, 2018 to give people more of an incentive to be active. Greater Member and Honorary Member were now given at levels 10 and 15 respectively and new roles called Active Member, Advanced Member and Legendary Member were given at levels 5, 20 and 25. These ranks succeeded in making the server more active. The first member to reach level 10 and get Greater Member, Bacon, got it on December 27, 2018. The first to reach level 15 and Honorary Member was Cheddarcheezebro/Mickeymouseconfirmation on January 12, 2019. He then reached level 20 and Advanced Member on February 1st, 2019. The first to reach level 25 and Legendary Member was Pbthelegend/Sabyrcus on April 3rd, 2019. This resulted in new roles named Heroic Member and Omega Member being added for levels 35 and 50 respectively. However, no one reached these roles through MEE6 as the levels were disabled on April 30, 2019, with XaXuD, the #1 ranked member, being at level 31 at the time[26].

Mapperdonian Station

The empty channel left in Mapperdonian Station for around a month.

After a miscommunication with Mapperdonian Station, the servers unpartnered on June 11, 2019. A channel was added back to the Station for the server two days later but CheezeWafflz forgot to post a link to the server or any info so the channel remained that way until Mapperdonian Station was nuked on July 3, 2019. Mapper's Galactic Empire was CheezeWafflz's only partner until a partnership with Japanese's Edo Bakufu was established on July 28, 2019. The server eventually repartnered with Mapperdonian Station on March 11, 2020 with Pbthelegend/Sabyrcus managing the channel instead of CheezeWafflz.

A More Established Community

An image by Puerto Rican Mapper_4 of the CheezeWafflz Discord Community. From left to right, top to bottom:Tomaz, Pbthelegend, XaXuD, Wakean Mapping, CheezeWafflz, Bigbruh, Puerto Rican Mapper_4, Foosh, Wolfhide

After a partnership with Mapper's Galactic Empire on February 22, 2019[27], the server reached 1000 members on the same day[28], becoming the second mapping Discord server to do so. A channel for daily polls was added in March, along with another channel for discussing the polls. On March 26, 2019, XaXuD joined the server, undisputably becoming the most active member in the server in an instant. XaXuD, along with other new members like Bigbruh and Puerto Rican Mapper_4, brought the server into its most active period yet. This was shown when, in a list conducted (lmao) by Mapperdonian Station, the server had sent the 3rd most messages (after the Diarchy and Brazillian's Mapping Chat in April out of every server partnered with the station. Wolfhide was promoted to an administrator in March 2019, with XaXuD and Pbthelegend becoming moderators in June 2019 and administrators in November 2019. Tomaz came out of his own period of inactivity in around May 2019 and became a large part of the community again. The server was Nitro Boosted by XaXuD and SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside on July 23, 2019. The server's name was changed to CheezeWafflz Realm two days later and a GIF icon was created by CheezeWafflz and added on July 29, 2019. The server dropped below Level 1 for a few days when XaXuD's Discord Nitro subscription ran out but it was brought back up by MrKill and has been maintained by MrKill, SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside and the rest of the so-called 'Nitro Gang' ever since.

A More Serious Community

Due to the large size of the server and the young age of some members, much of the server's discussion is based around repetitive memes and inside jokes (see below). Most of the server's humour derives from subreddits like r/okbuddyretard and r/arabfunny, as well as Deep iFunny. Calls for a more serious server have existed within the server since 2017, but in late 2019 several moderators and administrators wanted a genuine solution. CheezeWafflz added a channel strictly for serious discussion in September 2019 and in October 2019 a channel for non-serious staff announcements was added. A staff voting system was established in November 2019 to prevent decisions being made without the majority of the team's approval. In December 2019, the poll discussion channel was archived so that the repetitive jokes could be more balanced with serious discussions (as poll discussions previously did not take place in the general discussion channel). Despite these changes, Foosh chose to resign as administrator and leave the server on December 12, 2019 as a result of the repetitive jokes. Reforms to increase seriousness continued on in 2020, with channels like #poll-suggestions, #advertising and #politics only allowing serious messages only in January and a roles-and-channels channel being created to provide clear guidelines for each channel in the same month. The same thing was done to the #q-and-a channel in March. Many core members of the server also became active in Wakean's Plantation after venting chats were added there in September 2019. This ultimately helped CheezeWafflz Realm become less of a community server and more of a friendgroup server.

The Post-Mapping Era

On December 2, 2019, CheezeWafflz officially announced on Twitter that he would no longer be making mapping videos. This tweet was reposted to his announcement channel in the server and plot reveals of both his Alternate Future of the World and Alternate Future of the Unearthed World soon followed. Many members were sad at this news, and some of them left, causing a decline in the server's member count. (The count had peaked at 1,138 on October 1, 2019) Nonetheless, the server stayed relatively active and the core friendgroup continued to flourish. (the only major change being Wave, a prominent member of the server's community since 2017, deciding to leave for unrelated reasons on January 20, 2020) The server's largest event to date, CheezeWafflz: Battle For The Throne(a contest hosted by SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside), was started on February 1st, 2020 and is currently ongoing. The server reached level 2 on March 21, 2020, with a server banner being added on March 25, 2020. CheezeWafflz Realm is still considered part of Mapperdonia as the large majority of the server's members came to the server because of mapping and the server has links to other mapping servers.

A Change of Power

Throughout early 2020, CheezeWafflz became less active in the server to the point where he would go days without sending any messages. This caused a conversation in the server's staff chat on March 10th, 2020 about giving more control to Tomaz, the head administrator. CheezeWafflz agreed to this and later posted an announcement stating that he had been grounded, thanking the staff for keeping the server alive and apologising for his YouTube inactivity. [29] The main effect of Tomaz's takeover were server partnerships, which previously required CheezeWafflz to approve of. SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside got the server partnered with Community of Mappers while Pbthelegend/Sabyrcus got the server partnered with MapperStash and the Mapperdonian Station. The server joined the Mapperdonian Interchat's global chat on March 21st, 2020. On March 19th, 2020, Tomaz announced he was taking a break from Discord and that SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside had been promoted to Officer of Police Bots, a role acting as the second-in-command administrator. Another major change in the server made in March 2020 was the splitting of the Q&A channel into two seperate Q&A channels, one for the member to ask CheezeWafflz questions and the other for members to ask each other questions.

Inside Jokes


The Sans-themed channels at their peak.

Sans is usually considered the most prominent inside joke in the server. The inside joke first started in April/May 2019, likely due to many of the active members being fans of Undertale and Sans being a reccuring character in many Internet memes. The server's name was even changed to 'CheezeWafflz Discord (Sans)' from May 9, 2019 to May 11, 2019. A channel dedicated to the joke, called #sans-chat, was set up at around the same time. On July 28, 2019, various clones of the channel were created but these only lasted until July 31, 2019, when every Sans-themed channel was deleted. The #undertale channel, created on August 2, 2019, acts mainly as a successor to the Sans chats. There are 5 Sans-themed emojis in the server.


Michael Stevens, from the YouTube channel Vsauce, was an inside joke very similar to Sans but primarily associated with the server's 2017 community (likely because VSauce-themed memes were particularly popular during that year). Tomaz even created a short mapping series called 'Alternate Future of Vsauce'[30]. There are 2 Vsauce-themed emojis in the server.

Nitro Gang

Nitro Gang is a name collectively given to the server's Nitro Boosters. The name was first mentioned by SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside[31] on January 16, 2020 (after Maukustus started boosting the server). The server's Nitro Booster role was renamed to Nitro Gang on March 18, 2020. The Nitro Gang managed to make CheezeWafflz Realm the most boosted mapping Discord server for a brief period of time in March 2020.


SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside (joined July 23, 2019)
XaXuD (joined July 23, 2019, left August 26, 2019, rejoined January 6, 2020, left February 29, 2020, rejoined March 14, 2020)
MrKill (joined September 5, 2019)
Wave (joined January 1, 2020, left January 2, 2020)
Maukustus (joined January 15, 2020, left and rejoined February 15, 2020)
Kermit End Mii (joined January 30, 2020)
Austrian (joined March 11, 2020)
Tomaz (joined March 18, 2020)
Kyan/Kjancku Nelsono (joined December 14, 2019)
Salty (joined March 29, 2020)

CheezeWafflz Discord Experience

The CheezeWafflz Discord Experience, a series of YouTube videos showcasing screenshots from the server[32], was started on April 7, 2019 by XaXuD. To date, there have been 10 installments in the series, with the most recent and allegedly last installment (CheezeWafflz Discord Experience FINALE) being uploaded on December 29, 2019. However, the series has since been continued [33] by SansWafflz/DaniellaIsDeadInside and Jid, with the most recent installment (CheezeWafflz Realm Experience S2 Part 5) being uploaded on February 8, 2021 by SansWafflz. A similar series (MDE Experience) was started by XaXuD in Mapper's Galactic Empire.

Themed Polls

After two polls based around teeth were posted on August 26, 2019 and August 27, 2019 by Pbthelegend and Wolfhide, Pbthelegend proclaimed that that week was now 'teeth week' and every poll that week would be themed around teeth. Teeth Week continued for the entire week and was suceeded by Chocolate Week, Truths and Lies Week (where staff told the members truths and lies about themselves and got them to guess which were which), Movie Week and finally Monkey Week.

Jokes relating to Staff Members

Staff members in the server are often subject to jokes, particularly Tomaz, Wakean Mapping, Wolfhide and XaXuD. Wolfhide is often jokingly called a transgender furry and XaXuD is often jokingly called a weeaboo who has no social life or being called Swedish when he is actually from Finland.

Wakean Mapping's KIKC!!!

Wakean Mapping, being infamously the strictest moderator in the server, has kept the nickname Kikc Bot for a long time. When kicking a member from the server, he often exclaimes 'KIKC!', a misspelling of 'kick' that Wakean accidentally typed once (in another server) and found humourous.

Tomaz Gang

Tomaz Gang at its peak.

Tomaz, the head administrator, has been jokingly referred to as a deity by many of the server members, partly due to holding the #1 spot on the server's Tatsu Leaderboard for over a year. On August 8, 2019, Tomaz pinged everyone in the moderator announcements channel asking for everyone to change their name to Tomaz and their profile picture to a picture of Homer Simpson[34]. This group of people, known as Tomaz Gang, dominated the server for a few days until CheezeWafflz pinged everyone in his announcement channel asking everyone to change their names back because because he couldn't tell who was who anymore[35]. Tomaz Gang has been revived a couple of times since, but not for very long. However, after Tomaz left the server on the 22nd of January, 2021, a staff vote was held to delete the role, and on the 10th of Febuary, the role was no more.

Staff Team

Here is a list of the current staff members, in order of them being promoted.

Owner (CheezeWafflz)

CheezeWafflz Mapping

Head Administrator (Chief of Police Bots)


Assistant Administrator (Officer of Police Bots)


Administrators (Police Bots)


Glasses man

Moderators (Recruit Police Bots)


big bruh

Tatsu Leaderboards

This is a list of the top 50 members on the server's Tatsu Leaderboard, which was added on September 3, 2017 (around a month after the server's creation). The Tatsu Leaderboards award 10-20 points per every message sent with a 2-minute cool-down period. Therefore, this is a fairly accurate way to rank activity on the server, despite the variation in ranks.

If the name of the user is in bold, then this user is a staff member of the server. If the username is in italics, the user is no longer a member of the server.

This list is accurate as of January 5th, 2020

  1. big bruh | 397,234
  2. XaXuD (Administrator) | 336,054
  3. SansWafflz (Head Administrator) | 274,413
  4. Optraz  | 222,722
  5. Tomaz  | 174,835
  6. Bacon  | 169,748
  7. The Zucc/*Gasp!* The Enemy! (Moderator) | 141,816
  8. Pbthelegend/Sabycrus | (Administrator) | 107,344
  9. Superalex  | 97,235
  10. Jid  | (Moderator) | 95,091
  11. Maukustus | 89,084
  12. Wolfhide  | 87,678
  13. Pelu (Administrator) | 83,867
  14. Kyan (Administrator) '| 72,304
  15. Glasses man  | 70,825
  16. MrKill | 66,760
  17. Proxima Centauri  | 64,683
  18. Joa  | 59,032
  19. Irisch/Wave  | 56,419
  20. Bananaslam | 54,635
  21. Dr Plague  | 52,001
  22. drdestroy | 51,132
  23. Alaskan Cunt  | 43,891
  24. Foosh  | 42,781
  25. ooootreup | 42,277
  26. Westy | 39,754
  27. DBM  | 35,265
  28. Broomstick  | 33,718
  29. Cheezewafflz (Owner) | 31,887
  30. The Mapping Deer/Brit  | 28,380
  31. mickeymuse  | 27,401
  32. BrotherlandAgain  | 24,553
  33. Nathan-NCA  | 23,867
  34. Elactic  | 20,794
  35. Little Shayman | 20,535
  36. Cramp  | 20,295
  37. Elactic (Second account) | 19,882
  38. Antares  | 19,018
  39. Water Snail  | 18,080
  40. Aimless  | 16,823
  41. Baked Potato  | 15,737
  42. Randomnesspace  | 15,720
  43. Britbang | 15,691
  44. Pilot BFFRI  | 15,254
  45. Ruvi  | 14,864
  46. Dart Fox  | 13,773
  47. linearis  | 12,115
  48. Antares (Old account) | 11,875
  49. Sevilla  | 11,211
  50. Turtonia  | 10,814