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The Chinese Union, more commonly known as China, is a country in East Asia, and an important character in Pax Americana within the Paxverse.


2018-2019: Predecessor

The main article for the People's Republic of China is here.

The People's Republic of China was the predecessor of the Republic of China. They were aligned with the Russian Federation. However, after a plan between America and Russia, both nations tried to influence China. The Russian Federation assassinated the Chinese government, bringing about the Republic of China.

2019-2045: Road to World War Three

China was confronted with America and Russia, two major world powers on opposing sides. The first person to get to China was Russia, who warned China of America. After that, America came, where China was initially distrustful, America persuaded China otherwise.

China worked undercover for the United States by providing information about them to the United States preceding World War Three. Russia had their doubts about China, but eventually China persuaded them otherwise and Russia supported China. Up until World War Three, Russia and China worked together, or at least seemed to.

2045-2049 World War Three

During World War Three, the United States and most of Europe went up against Russia, and seemingly China as well. The war began due to Russian aggression towards Ukraine, but is thought that the United States caused Ukraine to lure Russia into war. During the beginning of the war, China and Russia were winning, and Britain doubted the United States capability of the war. Russia and China seemed to be winning.

Eventually, due to the United States bringing new nations in, new western plans emerging, and so on, the United States started to win the war. Eventually, it was just Russia and China, but before Russia knew it, China betrayed Russia.

2049-2100: Rebellions

By this point, China was part of the new Council of Liberty. For the most part, China was stable until the point of 2080, where Tibet, Mongolia, and East Turkestan rebelled from Chinese rule. China was unable to succeed in this war and gave up. All three nations were separated from China.

2100-2102: Collapse

The Dissembled Advocative Worldwide Network had become a threat to Pax America, but at this point, no one knew about. This was up until the collapse of China, where D.A.W.N caused the Republic of China to collapse. At this point, several new Chinese states were formed. However, the Chinese government escaped.

2112-2133: Return

The Chinese government returned first to Taipei. After that, they were given permission to reunify with the rest of China, and so they did. China had returned. China regained their lands ten years later and kept their spot on the Council.

2133-2140: World War Four

During World War Four, China stood with the Council of Liberty. Initially, it looked like the Council would win, but after the Islamists and the United Kingdom joined the International Intelligence Agency's side, the war went out of their favor. China annexed Tibet during this war.

China learned of a plan between the United States and Russia from 2018 to manipulate China. However, the United States backed out of it due to it being morally wrong. After this information was found out, China immediately left the war and went isolationist. China also left the new Council of Liberty lead by Britain.

2140-2174: Isolationism

China kept themselves isolationist after the United States and Russia had both planned to betray them and they didn't know who to trust. From here on, China wasn't involved in much except mainly introspection. Also during this period, China told Mexico not to trust Britain.

2174-2180: War Against Japan

Out of the sudden, China was in battle against another nation out of no where. Nihon began a war against China, and at first it was unclear they would win, but a Tibetan rebellion put China in a two-front war. Nihon's troops were far more advanced than China's as well, and China lost this war. China was split into many different states. This was China's end.