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Mapping has developed many clichés throughout it's history. Using a cliché isn't necessarily bad, but they are not recommended as they are unoriginal and can make your content more boring.

List of Clichés

  • Germany is reformed into a fascist, nationalist, neo-Nazi or other radical state, often referred to as the Fourth Reich.
  • Germany (and sometimes France) unite the European Union into a superstate controlled mainly by German politicians.
  • Russia forms a Neo-Soviet Union.
  • Russia collapses and is split into smaller states, or Siberia declares independence.
  • Scotland (sometimes Wales, rarely Northern Ireland) declares independence from the United Kingdom in the aftermath of Brexit.
  • A former Yugoslav country, usually Serbia, reunites Yugoslavia.
  • Czechoslovakia is reunited either diplomatically or forcefully.
  • Turkey annexes a few of its neighbors and becomes the Ottoman Empire.
  • Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and sometimes Finland and Iceland are united into Scandinavia.
  • Spain collapses and many of its regions (usually Catalonia and/or Basque, often Galicia, and occasionally others) declare independence.
  • Greece collapses due to an economic crisis.
  • Austria and Hungary reunite.
  • The Islamic State is formed in Syria and/or Iraq.
  • Central Asia either unites or is re-annexed by Russia.
  • Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and sometimes Cornwall and Brittany form the Celtic Union. They sometimes then annex England.
  • The Baltic states unite.
  • Benelux is formed, usually diplomatically or through the Netherlands conquering Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Korea is unified under either government.
  • Japan becomes an empire again and annexes surrounding countries.
  • Australia and New Zealand unite into Oceania.
  • Nations such as Russia, France, and Britain suddenly reform back into empires.
  • Iberia is formed by Spain and Portugal.
  • Romania annexes Moldova.
  • An exceptionally large country (which often controls most of the world) is hit by countless revolts simultaneously and is split according to all the rebels' claims.
  • Tibet, Manchuria and/or East Turkestan gain independence.
  • China reforms into a democracy.
  • Russia annexing Belarus.
  • Russia declares war and takes over Ukraine.
  • A custom nation forms or gets independence. This nation is usually over-powered and is considered a "good guy".
  • Belgium is split between France and The Netherlands(either after a referendum or after a conquest).
  • Great Lechia exists, and rising from Poland
  • Poland conquers Lviv