My hands are stained with the blood of trillions of lives. And I regret. I regret everything. I can barely live with myself. I think about the screams for help, the screams of pain every single night. Do you know what that does to a man?
~ Coleseus to Sole Greece

Coleseus is a powerful interdimensional entity, and the main protagonist of the second season of Imperialis' PIM Alternate Future of the World.

In Episode 14 of Proxima's AFOW "Reality", Coleseus is seen talking with the Stellar Union in a dimension where the Cold War never ended. The Stellar Union asks Coleseus to help him fight Borealia and Intisar. Coleseus refuses and the Stellar Union says that he will fight Borealia and Intisar alone. After his departure, NATO declares war on the USSR, beginning Armageddon. Coleseus says "I've made terrible mistakes and I regret them. Appalachia, Alcor, I miss you. Goodbye, forever." Coleseus is then most likely destroyed in the Armageddon.


  • Coleseus was first mispelled as a typo, "Coleseum."
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