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The episode Comradery is the the third episode (technically part) of the first season of Spicy's Alternate Future of Europe.

General Overview

The episode opens to Rosa Luxemburg, now leader of the German Spartacist Union speaking of the avenging of the "corrupt empire". She says that suffering due to imperialism will finally end. The German Empire-in-Exile rebukes this statement, and says that order and stability must be preserved. The Spartacist Union counter-rebukes the imperial statement, calling it "pathetic" and chiding the "nerve" of their exiled counterpart. The Empire-in-Exile says that communism will fail the Spartacist Union, and eventually, the world, and that an imperial age will "return anew".

The Kingdom of Poland, now not a puppet of the German Empire, says that they are now free from tyranny, but they are not a position that would allow them to keep their position. They wish to join Intermarium, and Hungary allows them to join. The Byelorussian Democratic Republic, also wishes to accede to the alliance, as does Lithuania and the United Baltic Duchy. Both are accepted.

The United Kingdom notes that extremism has gone too far, and says to Italy that they should finally form their alliance. Italy agrees, and says that their alliance will fight extremism worldwide. They invite France to help them lead this alliance, but France denies this offer. The United States offers to help, and the United Kingdom, perhaps grudgingly, agrees. The United Kingdom extends invitations to join to all nations, and many nations, listed below, join.

The R.S.F.S.R says that the revolution must spread, and Russia quickly conquers Bukhara, one of the German victory nations, and the only one in Central Asia. Russia recognizes it as "perfect". and says that the "liberation of the world continues". They invite Germany to help them to "free the world". Germany flatly denies this, asking Russia why Germany would ally itself with Russia, who is a warmongering nation, as just recently seen. Russia says that such an alliance would be solely defensive, and that both nations must protect the other to keep the revolution alive. Germany agrees.

Italy expresses distaste at the fact that the two communist nations in Europe have allied. They promise to have the back of the Intermarium. The Kingdom of Hungary says their thanks to Italy.

France, recognizes that the world is at odds, with multiple alliances for differing goals. They do not wish to join the League, wishing to keep their identity. They wonder what this international rejection will cost them.

The Kingdom of Romania is wondering why their nation is split. They say that the "once great" Romania is now "reduced to rubble". The Kingdom of Romania says that they will not stand for it (whatever it is), and the government is then "handed over" to the National Order of Romania. They say that they must forge alliances to purge the "vile Intermarium scum". They say this leaves them with few options, except one: Greece. Greece readily agrees to this alliance.

Germany asks the United Kingdom why they have formed a "coalition" against them. The United Kingdom disagrees, and says that any hope of peace after the war was destroyed by them, and that they deserve no forgiveness. Germany says that the United Kingdom is just like the Kaiser, and turns to France. France says they are sick and tired of everyone, and that they want to their own thing.

The United Kingdom reflects on the past few years, and recognizes that a few nations (Russia, France, Germany, America, and Austria) that they though they knew have changed so much in recent times. They thank Italy for "staying sane". Italy agrees, and say that they will take down the communists.

Greece "sets their plan in motion", causing the Ottoman Partition. Romania is shocked at Greece. They say they have serious mettle, right before Italy, Bulgaria, Persia, and two rebel groups, representing the Turkish Republic and a religious revival group in Arabia. Greece tells Romania to not to jump to conclusions so quickly. The Anti-Ottoman side quickly advances, due to the Caliphate in Arabia surprising the Ottomans. Quickly, the Ottomans fall and are divided, and the Caliphate spreads into Arabia.

Members of the League of Nations

  • United Kingdom (leader)
  • Italy (leader)
  • United States (leader)
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain (note: Balaeric Islands are not colored, but this is likely a map error).
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Denmark
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Kingdom of Norway
  • Baltic Duchy
  • Lithuania
  • Byelorussia
  • Ukrainian State
  • Don Cossacks
  • Moldavia
  • Poland
  • Czechia
  • Hungary
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia