As Graxum successfully invades and annexes New Tripolitania, things are changing in the European theater. Austria and Germany unite to form Austro-Germania, a new global superpower. Graxum then offers enough money to "fix Turkey's economic problem forever" in exchange for Istanbul. Turkey accepts the deal. Then after Iraq is accused by Saudi Arabia for trying to assassinate the king, Saudi Arabia goes to war with Iraq. The U.A.E. and Jordan assist Saudi Arabia, while Oman, Iran, and Hejazi rebels assist Iraq. Iraq wins the war and there are significant territorial changes including Hejazi independence. A communist revolution occurs in Spain, right before the Canary Islands declare independence. The communists win and set up a new nation, Ardumus, who will become a key character throughout the series. Graxum offers an alliance to Ardumus, and while Ardumus initially rejects, Graxum says it knows of Ardumus' ambitions to create a cure for death. Ardumus then accepts the alliance.

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