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Cresium is a Croatian mapper who has been in the mapping community for three years. They currently have more than 110,000 YouTube views and more than 1,040 subscribers.

They have an interest in alternate history. Their ongoing series is Alternate History of Europe (1815-???)

Their internet persona is a green, cyan, indigo and yellow countryball; usually portrayed as being happy. After being asked why their avatar is so colourful, they replied: "Because I like colourful avatars more than simpler and bichromatic ones."

Cresium's video creations

Cresium has created a total of 5 mapping series:

History of Epinadia

Alternate History of Asia

Alternate Future of Antarctica

History of Epinadia (Reboot)

Alternate History of Europe

In addition, they've created Alternate History of Croatia as the 1000 subscribers special, multiple QnA's, as well as announcements. 

Cresium's social media

Discord server:

Twitter: Cresium

Youtube channel: Cresium