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Czech Mapping is a Czech Republican Mapper Youtuber. He is known for his AFoE Series and SpeedArt.


Czech Mapping started his channel on March 21, 2020, and made his first video six days later. When he hit 500 Subscribers, he decided that the channel will mainly focus on AFoE as he has only posted two unrelated videos since. Now at 5k Subs, he has finished the first season of AFoE and is making the second season.


  • AFoE ("Alternative Future Of Europe")
  • 1v1 Countries
  • SpeedArt
  • Map Making


  • He plays Minecraft and Among Us but he doesn't upload it.
  • He puts Countryballs in his Mapping videos and SpeedArt.
  • He has 2 Discord servers. One of them being his main, and the other is his Minecraft server.