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He uploaded his first mapping video on Nov 30, 2018 called "Europe [Season 1 Episode 1: The Europe War]".

A while long time later, his mapping videos were a bit scattered, he combined all his mapping videos in a series with currently 5 seasons and an extra episode just to test a mapping skill about Alternative Napoleonic War. Each episode contains 5 episodes.

Season 1

Season 1 is about and mainly focused on Europe. It has 5 available episodes. (This was Daniel's mapping in his early career which was not good).

Episode 1: Europe [Season 1 Episode 1: The Europe War]

Episode 2: Europe [Season 1 Episode 2: The Finland War]

Episode 3: Europe [Season 1 Episode 3: The 3rd French Revolution: 21st Century]

Episode 4: Europe [Season 1 Episode 4: Alternate History Of Europe: 2018-2050]

Episode 5: Europe [Season 1 Episode 5: Alternative History of Europe: 2050-2100]

Season 2

Season 2 is about and mainly focused on USA (and other). It has 5 available episodes. (At this point Daniel was improving.)

Episode 1: USA and Other [Season 2 Episode 1: The States War]

Episode 2: USA and Other [Season 2 Episode 2: Alternative History of The US]

Episode 3: USA and Other [Season 2 Episode 3: Alternative History of the US: Revenge]

Episode 4: USA and Other [Season 3 Episode 4: If YouTubers Were Countries]

Episode 5: USA and Other [Season 2 Episode 5: WW3]

Season 3

Season 3 is about and mainly focused on the Middle East ("and beyond"). It has 5 available episodes. (This isn't the best part of Daniel's mapping career but it is important.)

Episode 1: Middle East and Beyond [Season 3 Episode 1: The EU Crisis]

Episode 2: Middle East and Beyond [Season 3 Episode 2: A Country Divided]

Episode 3: Middle East and Beyond [Season 3 Episode 3: ISIS]

Episode 4: Middle East and Beyond [Season 3 Episode 4: The Rebellion]

Episode 5: Middle East and Beyond [Season 3 Episode 5: The Rise of the United Arabs]

Season 4

Season 4 is about and mainly a viewers/fans/youtubers war. It has 5 available episodes. (This is the turning point of Daniel's career from edgy/not good to better. At the end, it was more awesome. Countryballs start appearing too.)

Episode 1: Viewers War [Season 4 Episode 1: The Fight Against T-Series]

Episode 2: Viewers War [Season 4 Episode 2: Alien Invasion]

Episode 3: Viewers War [Season 4 Episode 3: The Fight Against the Terrorists]

Episode 4: Viewers War [Season 4 Episode 4: The Rise of Terror]

Episode 5: Viewers War [Season 4 Episode 5: The Last Fight The Movie]

Season 5

Season 5 is about and mainly a fight against the video game "Fortnite" taking over the world and the people have to save it or it be destroyed. It has 4 available episodes. Countryballs now all over this series and will be in the next ones.)

Episode 1: Fortnite [Season 5 Episode 1: The Rise of Fortnite]

Episode 2: Fortnite [Season 5 Episode 2: The Secret]

Episode 3: Fortnite [Season 5 Episode 3: The Revolution]

Episode 4: Fortnite [Season 5 Episode 4: The Fate of NYC]

Episode 5: Not Available


There was a major change and difference when Daniel started to upload (especially mapping) content on his second channel, from mapping roleplays to his own mapping videos.


In Jan 7, 2020, Daniel Kolbin aired and started a Mapping Roleplay Series. It ended at September 18, 2020 with the finale being streamed on his main channel because his second channel was revoked from streaming privileges (or no reason). In total, there were three volumes. Click here to check out the wiki dedicated to the streams which have more info. Click here to go to all the mapping roleplays.


CW is Continental Wars. The last finale release was "CW: The FINALE".


AFOE is Alternative Future of Europe. The most recent release was "AFOE: Ep. 3".

Viewers War

Daniel had uploaded his Teaser, or Direct, (announcing and giving updates of the WOCT Finale, new Viewers War series, and DK Rewind [Pre - 2020]). The next day he uploaded "Viewers War Episode 0 (Sign-Ups)". Both Teaser and Ep. 0 have seen pretty good success so far.

Episode 0: Sign-Ups

Episode 1: First Friends & Alliances

Episode 2: Early Expansion

Episode 3: TBA / WIP