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It's far too late for explainations my friend. I never should have trusted you.
~ Dharmas

Dharmas is a supporting character in the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse that resides in Dimension Z-999-999999. It is made to be a very young and idealistic nation that is initially loyal to Intisar , but then loses faith in the Profectist cause following the death of Acrux .


2025-2028: Origins

A profectist revolution occurred in a weakened Republic of India and the nation of Dharmas was formed. Initially, Dharmas only communicated with Intisar but opened communications with neighboring nations in 2028. Multiple nations invaded the nation later that year and advanced into Dharmic territory. Under the instruction of Intisar, Dharmas completed "Project 19" and "Plan E-14-4" and annexed the nations of Pakistan, Kerala, and Bengal.

2029-2035: Rise to Power

Dharmas is introduced to Aurum , an old friend of Intisar. However, in a separate dialogue, Aurum and Intisar decide to keep Dharmas ignorant of the "truth". In a secret dialogue at the end of Episode 5, Dharmas claims that the United States of America has committed too many sins as Intisar prepares for their judgement. In 2035 Dharmas joined Intisar and Aurum in an invasion of Iberia to expose the corruption of the United States to its allies. The war ends in a white peace as America is expelled from NATO. Later that year the Russian Empire arrives. Dharmas, being a newly formed profectist state, is unaware of the war going on between Intisar and the Terran Union. 

2035-2040: Second Cold War

After the split between NATO and the United States, Aurum orders Dharmas to begin "Project 991", allegedly 9 years before scheduled. Dharmas invades Oman and gives Saudi Arabia access to Omani oil fields in exchange for peace. Oman is then made into the profectist state of Alkun. In 2038, Dharmas rigs South Korean elections in favor of profectists, which reform the nation into Jinhaeng. In 2040, Dharmas seriously questions Intisar's intentions for the first time, asking why so many people have to suffer for their cause. However, Dharmas ultimately trusts Intisar and agrees to go to war if necessary.

2041-2045: World War III

Dharmas joins the Third World War on the side of Intisar and Aurum, fighting against three other alliances led by America, Borealia, and France. As Greater China arrives in the dimension, Dharmas successfully invades the entirety of Tibet. Dharmic fronts don't move much after that until 2043, when Dharmas invades Myanmar and Afghanistan. As the war comes to an end, Dharmas invades Iran, Turkmenistan, Thailand, and the Pan-Malay Union.

2046-2053: Questioning of Intisar

Dharmas annexes huge swaths of territory and likely becomes the most populated country in the dimension. In 2047, Dharmas complains to Intisar about how the treaty was too harsh. 2 years later, Intisar reveals to Dharmas that a multiverse exists, although Dharmas denies this and calls it a stupid lie.

2054-2057: Split with Intisar

In 2054, Dharmas supports a proposal to release Europe from occupation and set up free elections. However, Intisar sets up the satellite state of Europeia much to the disapproval of Dharmas and Acrux. When Intisar invades Acrux, Dharmas tells Intisar that he hates him. Dharmas then gives independence to many of his territories. At the start of the Great Liberation in 2057, Dharmas is neutral.