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The Diarchy of Mapping, formerly known as the Diarchy of Mappers and Theorists, the Triarchist Union of Theorists and Mappers, and the Theorist Diarchy of Mapping, was a general mapping Discord server. For the majority of its life, and prior to its deletion, it was primarily owned by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge.

The server was founded on April 29, 2017, by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge and SkylarWeston, with the intention of turning it into the primary theorist community that mainly focused on uncovering the plot of the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse.[1] Eventually, as Second Wave Edge began to die out in late 2017, the server began to reform into a general mapping community. It slowly grew in size and popularity, and on December 3, 2018, the Diarchy became the largest non-hangout mapping community,[2] surpassing The Mapping Community after its deletion, and eventually joining the Andreou Union.

Skylar was an owner of the Diarchy from its creation until the 13 Minute Civil War. GalacticFurai was an owner for just over a month in late 2017. Asmodeus was the longest-serving co-owner, from the First Owner Election to his resignation, after which Skylar was repromoted for 7 days. jubaG was appointed after Skylar was impeached, but he was replaced by Munyvian during the Fourth Owner Elections. George was the main owner of the Diarchy for nearly three years (despite him and Asmodeus often passing ownership as a sign of trust), except an unofficial brief two day period in 2018 in where jubaG was given ownership, and during the Camp Crisis, in where ownership was given to Frisia and Munyvian for a short amount of time. After George's Departure, the new main owner of the server became Depsorian Mapping, with Munyvian reprising his role as co-diarch. Depsorian was later voted out and Breton Mapping became the main owner, with George and Asmodeus later being reelected.

The Diarchy of Mapping was the largest mapping ”community“ (not specific to a mapper) server and the second-largest mapping server overall, with by far the most amount of members out of any community server.[3] However, it was also one of the most controversial servers in the history of the community, mainly due to the drama surrounding Skylar, a somewhat toxic community, spawning the Spermcamp Debate and generally redefining what a mapping guild could be thanks to the democratic values of George.

A poll conducted on the Mapperdonian Station indicated that most mappers viewed the Diarchy in a positive light, giving it an 8/10 rating on experience on average.


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The comment in where SkylarWeston suggested the creation of a Discord server.

Golden Age


The Diarchy of Mapping was founded on April 29, 2017, by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge and SkylarWeston. The pair were already known for theorizing on Proxima's Alternate Future of the World, and on Episode 11, Skylar suggested that the pair should collaborate more officially on Discord. George then created a server and provided a link in the comments of Episode 11. Within the first day, the server gained 20 members, including Proxima[4] and Imperialis,[5] and other mappers like Obscurium.[6] They immediately began theorizing and the theorist community grew sharply.

The name of the server was topic of debate, with the Republic of Mapping and the United Theorists of Mapping being some suggestions. Eventually, Skylar settled on the name the Diarchy of Mapping, as a Diarchy is like a monarchy but with 2 monarchs, and both Skylar and George owned the server together.


The original flag of the Diarchy.

A few weeks into the server, when the pair realized they needed to better organize the server to sustain the conversation, George began to shape an administration. He had seen how Platine’s Junta had caused The First Mapping Community to collapse and had specifically frowned on the Order Over Liberty speech made by Proxima on The Mapping Community. He decided to flip it around, creating the motto ‘Liberty Over Order’, which eventually became the ideology he ran the server on. Liberty Over Order was based on democracy and freedom, which were the two twin pillars that George held the server upon, creating an elected administration and allowing the public great autonomy and say in the server.

Skylar strongly objected to this stance, being a staunch authoritarian and claiming it was "a coup waiting to happen", yet George insisted. Despite George being a weak personality Skylar would learn to take advantage of, Liberty Over Order was the one thing George would not budge on. Skylar yielded, despite still pushing for authoritarian values. During this period, George’s de facto superior position over Skylar began to be recognized, and the cult of personality began around him began.

Death of Second Wave Edge

The first few months of the server was almost exclusively focused on theorizing PIM, with some debate on the format of the server on the side. However, as the prime of the Second Wave Edge began to fade in the summer of 2017, and as the Late Edge began to set in, the server too lost the vast majority of its activity. George began spending more time on his Minecraft Server, and many Diarchists went with him. Other servers were made using the Liberty Over Order format, mainly MerryMerryJerry's Just Mapping. The Diarchy began a period of irrelevancy, and many lost hope on it entirely.

Triarchist Union of Theorists and Mappers

GalacticFurai's Triarchy

The death of the Second Wave Edge led to George reducing his activity and passion for the server, paving the way for Skylar to quietly make changes to consolidate her power. George already gave in to most of her demands, so Skylar virtually had a position higher than George. She had enjoyed a relationship with GalacticFurai beginning in August, and Galactic was given unofficial power in the Diarchy.

On September 3, 2017, Skylar promoted Galactic to an owner,[7] reforming the Diarchy into a Triarchy. While she had asked George for permission a couple of days prior, he was hesitant to the idea, as Galactic had no experience in owning a community, and was not a theorist. However, he gave in to Skylar, as he usually did. The promotion was met with public disapproval, and many began to take notice of Skylar’s activity and dislike her for it, further boosting George's Personality Cult.

First Owner Elections

The flag of the Triarchy.

A little over a week later, on October 11, George organized the first owner elections[8] in where the public would vote on first which of the current line-up, himself, Skylar, and Galactic, they would like to keep, and which candidates, Asmodeus, MerryMerryJerry, Leodensian, and Polluxia they would like to promote.[9] The decision was met with public praise, yet with displeasure by Skylar and Galactic, who feared for their positions. Skylar attempted to have George call off the elections, yet he cited Liberty Over Order and didn't budge.

Galactic was practically certain to be voted out of office. The entire server was certain that he was only promoted due to her connection with Skylar. George was practically certain to be kept in office. George's Personality Cult was at its strongest, and in comparison to Skylar and Galactic, he seemed even greater a candidate. However, Skylar polarized the Triarchy, and the server began debating to those who didn't care much about Skylar’s activities, mainly theorists and other mappers who were active on the Triarchy to discuss mapping as opposed of debating server format, and those who saw her as a dangerous threat to the server’s security, mainly the administration and active members who were involved in the community.

GalacticFurai was unanimously voted out of power, and staff as a whole, and Asmodeus, the Prime Minister at the time, replaced her. MerryMerryJerry became the unofficial regent. George and Skylar maintained their positions, yet the former had landslide victory, while the latter’s votes were very close.

The Big Three's Triarchy

George, Skylar, and Asmodeus are usually referred to as The Big Three of the server, as they have all reigned for the longest and were the most influential members of the server.

While George and Asmodeus enjoyed public support and helped better the server, Skylar became more unpopular than ever. She frequently battled the staff in an argument over server format and her tyranny, began to be personally attacked for her transsexuality, and even temporarily banned MerryMerryJerry for allegedly attempting to break up her relationship with Galactic.[10]

13 Minute Civil War

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Earthling's Hold on George and George's Abdication

In October, Earthling, an esteemed manipulator and notorious raider, became active on the Diarchy, quickly rising through the ranks, and growing a personal connection with YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge. It is likely Earthling was aware of George’s weak personality, yet nevertheless began to manipulate and lied to him that he was being blackmailed into raiding with personal information on the line. George believed him and started to masquerade being a raider himself so as to join Earthling’s servers and see who was to blame. He faced some opposition to this, yet his personality cult overshadowed this. Yet George was extremely paranoid about being an unpopular leader and took notice of the opposition.

YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge abdicates right before the Diarchy Civil War.

On November 21, there was a protest in the general chat led mainly by Strawgle against George refusing to abide by the isolationist status to the rest of Mapperdonia he began the server with, as he was now in deep with raiding factions. Despite him being extremely weak and this one piece of criticism was enough for him to reconsider his position, George truly wanted the best for the server, and abdicated. He left the server, and transferred ownership to SkylarWeston, allowing the Triarchy to seek its own path. His only request was to have MerryMerryJerry be his replacement.

Skylar announcing her intentions regarding Jerry.

Skylar showed her true colours once being given unlimited power, and immediately reformed the Triarchy into her vision. She repromoted GalacticFurai instead of heeding George’s requests to promote Jerry, and illegally promoted and demoted various members of staff as she pleased. The rules were changed into a case-by-case basis, which effectively meant Skylar’s law was law.

13 Minutes and Aftermath

The Diarchy flag directly after the Civil War.

The server fell into chaos after this. The majority of the remaining administration, Polluxia, Kharpat, Noam, and Jerry, resigned their positions, and other popular mappers such as Imperialis and Concordia expressed their displeasure. The general public was less civil and threw out an array of slurs. Some who objected Skylar’s reign were banned, yet the rest of Mapperdonia began to catch wind of the drama and joined the server to protest Skylar’s rule, beginning to weaken her mental state.

Jerry immediately informed George of the events that had transpired, and George was forced to rejoin the server 13 minutes after he left, giving the conflict its name despite lasting significantly longer than 13 minutes. George still believed in Skylar’s goodness and refused to personally attack her. He was discomforted at the current state of the server, and as the general populous were already in hysteria, the server devolved into madness. Skylar became too stressed to continue, and abdicated, passing ownership to Asmodeus, who immediately passed it onto George.

The server celebrated Skylar’s abdication, and after Jerry politely refused owner, George reformed the server back into a Diarchy and fixed all that Skylar had wrought. Skylar’s credibility was completely shattered, and she was later permanently voted out of office. When her mental state recovered, Skylar formed a rebel Diarchy ran by her and Galactic, who only gained support from others who believed in Skylar’s cause. Ultimately, Skylar was repromoted back to Administrator by George, willing to give her a second chance. The rest of the server was not.

Administrative Renaissance

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Community of Communities

George’s and Asmodeus’ early reign were universally seen as benevolent. They, as well as their now permanent upper administration, consisting of MerryMerryJerry, Kharpat, Depsorian, and later Frisia, led the server out of the shadow of the Second Wave Edge and contributed immensely into modernizing the server.

George himself made a notable reform of the server style, ushering in an all-around phase where mapping was less focused on, and general chatting, as well as games, were given the spotlight, in an era he referred to as the 'community of communities'. This is mainly due to most theorists rejecting the Late Edge, and the Diarchy was not large enough yet to pursue a general mapping appeal; they were still very much within the Edge niche and were often compared with the Old Order of the Edge. However, due to Liberty Over Order, and Skylar’s controversial reputation, the Diarchy was still seen as the radical newcomer to Mapperdonia that most oldfags preferred to stay away from.

Spermcamp and Fall of the Personality Cult

While a porn channel had existed within the Diarchy since Skylar created one on August 15, 2017, it did not gain universal server recognition until it was reformed into Spermcamp on March 18, 2018. This began to spark a debate on the existence of Spermcamp, and whether it had to be considered comedic or degenerate. While the discussion initially remained private and orderly, it eventually spilled into the public eye and polarized the server.

As Asmodeus started to become inactive in early 2018, George was given free rein to do as he pleased. He cited Liberty Over Order, and claimed that everyone had the right to an NSFW channel if they so choose;[11] whether they used it or not was their own decision. The opposition protested, yet George stood firm and told them to not use it if they didn't want to.[Black-or-white fallacy]

George's Personality Cult began to waver as various staff members began to occasionally criticize George’s work. While all agreed he was not as erratic as Skylar, some began to debate his competency, and condemned his tolerance of rulebreakers and degenerates. George began to regularly argue with various members of staff who didn't trust the people, nor Liberty Over Order, and advocated for a more hierarchical system of staff. This group became known as the Admin Junta, and they gave George much trouble, eventually leading him to publicly pull back the curtain to his personal life and reveal his depression.

George began to entertain some of his more megalomaniacal tendencies during this period of less self-control and started to acquire other communities. At this point, his influence was still confined to the Edge niche in Mapperdonia. He referred to these deals as “annexations”, and annexed the Gralician Federation and attempted to annex the Mapping Institution, the spiritual predecessor to Brazilian’s Mapping Chat. His power and experience in Mapperdonia grew, and he involved himself in extra-Diarchal issues and conflicts.

Second Owner Elections

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The bielection of the Second Owner Elections.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the Diarchy, George organized a week where new, important features were added, such as The Mapping Wiki, which was initially paired to the Diarchy. He also decided to hold owner elections in which he, Asmodeus, MerryMerryJerry, and Skylar ran. While George and Asmodeus were popular reigning owners, despite the former’s authority being questioned and the latter was largely inactive and arguably irrelevant to mapping, and Jerry was still the regent despite the position being contented and eventually taken by Frisia, Skylar was still extremely unpopular, despite having a small fraction of support. George, however, still believed in Skylar at this time, and allowed her to run, as she co-founded the Diarchy.

The vote took place on April 29, 2018. George had a safe lead over the other candidates with a clear lead, while Jerry was losing. Asmodeus and Skylar, however, drew at 15 votes each. There was some debate on what to do, but George selected the only real legal option; a second vote between Asmodeus and Skylar. Despite perhaps not being the best term for the occasion, the second vote became known as the bielection; misspelt from by-election.

The bielection vote was held on Discord and both candidates constantly switched places, with no clear winner in mind. They both settled at around 20 votes each, often gaining and losing votes. The Diarchy had around 150 members at this point, and one vote was extremely important, so both sides attempted to convince active members to vote for them. Skylar campaigned herself, but Asmodeus took a backseat approach and allowed his supporters to campaign for him.

The flag of the Diarchy after the anniversary.

Some questions were raised about the legitimacy of the elections, mainly by the Admin Junta. George compiled a spreadsheet of all voters, and it was revealed that most of Skylar’s voters were irrelevant, inactive members of the server who weren't even mappers. It was also insinuated that Skylar had rigged the votes by creating alternative accounts to vote for her, yet this was never proved, despite being commonly accepted. Eventually, Asmodeus’ supporter devolved into attacking Skylar once more, and after Asmodeus shot up in votes, reaching 25, Skylar attempted to reach a compromise. She initially suggested a Triarchy, yet this idea was shot down by all non-Skylarists, who were rapidly deteriorating in number. Eventually, she was forced to surrender the bielection, leaving her more unpopular than ever. George quietly appointed Skylar to Administrator to appease her after she complained to him.

Trial of Skylar

On June 12, 2018, Noam set up the Diarchy Ethics Council, an organization for non-staff members to investigate staff for corruption. It immediately began investigating Skylar, alleging she was responsible for corruption and had attempted to rig the Second Owner Elections. On June 16, the Ethics Council had discovered a group of bans and kicks initiated by Skylar that coincided with an alleged 'Purge List' of hers. George, on his last straw of believing Skylar was good, sanctioned a trial against her, and she eventually pledged guilty of corruption, abuse of power and election rigging. She was immediately banned from the Diarchy.

After Skylar's ban, George and Asmodeus began passing ownership back and forth, mainly to display the mutual trust they had. Skylar detected this thanks to several spies from inside the server, namely Intermarium and Arthurium, and approached Asmodeus, who at the time was a close friend of hers, and threatened to dox him unless he gave Skylar ownership of the server. George had eventually had enough of Skylar, and he and Asmodeus both blocked Skylar.

George blocking Skylar symbolized the end of his weak personality and of the childhood of the Diarchy. He now had garnered the respect of the entire server on the Skylar Debate, and the server, as well as its staff, had matured into more responsible and competent members. The reputation of the Diarchy began to improve dramatically following the Administrative Renaissance.


During the spring of 2018, George and the Admin Junta began to engage in many arguments about how the server should be run, ranging from reviewing George's position entirely to Spermcamp. The debate around the latter led to several controversies, later referred to as "Spermgate".

George's personality began to shift as a result of the arguments, affecting his ruling, and at the same time further decaying George's personality cult. While George was extremely naive and weak upon the creation of the Diarchy, he learned to defend himself and stood up for his values. Nevertheless, his stress also increased dramatically, and he began to showcase various extravagant tendencies, such as revealing his plan for suicide. It is important to note, however, that never at any point was George compared to Skylar.

After a debate about his position on June 17, 2018, and some jabs at his personal life, George demoted himself to Administrator and abruptly transferred ownership to jubaG, the incumbent Prime Minister, who was completely baffled since there was no prior plan or election. The rest of the server was pervaded by the same sentiment. Amid the confusion in the general public for what seemed like a caprice, the Staff attempted to hush the news of George's apparent resignation. Even so, jubaG rightly started planning a series of reforms with the support of the Admin Junta, ranging from role changes to the deletion of Spermcamp. George was displeased and demanded ownership back, despite the unreasonably short preparation time for the new owner. George then gathered several members backing him and coerced jubaG into returning the ownership in direct messages.

The Spermcamp Vote.

The Spermcamp debate continued to rage on in the Diarchy even after the Administrative Renaissance. In an attempt to settle the debate, George organized a vote on June 27, 2018, and Spermcamp was voted to stay with 24 votes to 20. The opposition continued to argue, yet George, satisfied, mostly forgot the debate and continued to use Spermcamp for comedic purposes.

From July 12 to July 15, George planned his first absence from the Diarchy, as he was to go on vacation to his maternally ancestral village, Saint Johns, near Thermo, Greece. Consequently, George entrusted the management of the server to jubaG, granting him most liberties yet under the condition of not deleting Spermcamp. jubaG accepted the conditions, and subsequently deleted Spermcamp. As expected, this was met with mixed reactions, with some celebrating what "needed to be done" and others condemning the undermining of democracy. Nevertheless, the server became tense and awaited George's reaction upon his return.

George's threat

Once George discovered that Spermcamp was deleted during the taxi ride to Athens, he broke down emotionally, and threatened jubaG. George was furious that the PM had violated Liberty Over Order and ignored the vote held two weeks prior. After regaining his composure and upon return to Larnaca around 6 hours later, he immediately demoted jubaG with no trial, and refused to repromote him, effectively violating his own principles and clashing with the staff team. jubaG left the Diarchy as a protest, but eventually rejoined two weeks later, during the Skylar Pill Crisis.

Dolphin Accords

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The Merger

Flag briefly used during the merger.

The Diarchy experienced a period of stagnation, so George decided to reform the entire format of the server, and began planning a huge program of events and reorganizations. The idea was that the Diarchy was to stay as "the alternative" to The Mapping Community and the new The Mapping Discord. However, before he could begin planning, the December 3 Raids occurred, and The Mapping Community collapsed. George, as an administrator on The Mapping Community, did not sanction the creation of The Third Mapping Community, yet was horrified at the deletion of the second. He created an Open Letter condemning the raids and advised the raiders to step down from The Mapping Discord. It received hundreds of signatures, and eventually, The Mapping Discord slowly began to die.

It was at this moment that George was approached by both Plakeland Mapper and Valor for a Diarchy-TMC-TMD merger. Previously, George had expressed little interest in the project, yet he then reasoned that he was faced with two options;

  1. Do nothing and wait for The Third Mapping Community and The Mapping Discord to collapse, and be called a megalomaniac asshole.
  2. Play ball and merge with The Third Mapping Community and The Mapping Discord.

George announces the Dolphin Accords.

He opted for the second option. There were opponents in The Third Mapping Community's administration, mainly Neim and Plakeland, who did not want The Mapping Discord to be represented, and so George compromised by dividing the merger, which was becoming known as the Dolphin Accords, into two phases; The Mapping Community, which would be ratified on December 25, 2018, and The Mapping Discord, which would be ratified on January 25, 2019.

Due to the BlackBird Raids, Plakeland rushed the merger to December 10, 2018, before George could notify the Diarchy staff. Ankhor also rushed Phase 2 to the same day.


The merger faced mixed reviews, with some hailing it as one of the most important events in the history of the mapping community, and others denouncing it as the abandonment of the Diarchy culture in exchange for members. The staff who had been staff before the merger tended to side with the latter. Those who had moved from TMC to the Diarchy, which were beginning to be known as miggers, were, in the eyes of the veterans, generally younger and less mature. Several Diarchy staff members opted for the Dolphin Accords to be abandoned, and to leave the miggers to their own devices. This faced backlash from TMC staff members, generally united under Plakeland and TheDarkBomber. Eventually, George wrote a document known as "Rights of the Migger" as a temporary compromise, yet eventually, he publicly announced that his stance was that the conflict was dumb in nature.

The former TMC staff eventually created The Third Mapping Community, and they all abdicated their positions in staff.

George's vacation and the raid age

Flag used from the breakup with TMC to April 2019.

Around the 9th of June, George went on vacation to New York. The vacation was meant to last until the 24th of the

same month. During George's absence, the presence of T-Series Mapping became more notorious as he took advantage of George not being present to start a raid rampage. Despite TSM's threats, the Diarchy was barely affected by any raid attempts and the vandalism in the wiki was reverted right after it happened. At the beginning of the vacation though, the Diarchy did become unstable, but it regained composure after the first days. George finally returned from New York on the 24th of June.

1,000 Members and Direct Democracy

In early 2019, the Diarchy steadily grew in members while facing no major drama, aside from the T-Series Raids. On July 11, 2019, the Diarchy reached 1,000 members, becoming the first non-channel mapping Discord guild to do so. George implemented near direct democracy in order to celebrate the occasion.[12]

Skylar's Week Long Reign

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Asmodeus' Resignation and Initial Ruling

Asmodeus' announces his resignation.

On July 21, 2019, Asmodeus resigned as owner due to stress about the T-Series Raids and Protonian's Ultimatum. While Jerry was also considered for the position, he and George agreed to have Skylar replace him. Skylar's return was immediately met with mixed reactions, with most of the veterans being firmly against the decision. However, the majority of the members of the server who joined after 2017 did not see a major issue.

In retrospect, Skylar did not enact any major changes to the Diarchy. She partnered up with HGO and contributed to improving the server's security. However, many members of the server still actively complained against her position due to some questionable behaviour: she threatened to void Colonial Mapper's Prime Minister Application due to his assertive campaigning, and she gave nopesofia a special role named "Supreme Empress", in a fashion extremely similar to GalacticFurai, with the role actually being between Prime Minister and Diarch on the role hierarchy. It was later revealed that Skylar had a crush on nopesofia.


The Skylar Impeachment Vote.

Half a week into Skylar's reign, the administrators began to prepare an impeachment vote for Skylar. They notified George, who frowned upon the process, yet permitted it and helped them form it into a more professional process. On July 28, 2019, Colonial Mapper posted the vote and allowed knights and higher to vote.

The vote eventually tallied to 63 votes for her demotion and 25 votes against, yet Skylar admitted defeat early into the vote. She had a mental breakdown in a voice chat to the witness of around 30 people while George attempted, in vain, to calm her down. She left the server.


Immediately after Skylar left the voice chat, George decided to appoint jubaG as diarch, and he accepted the position. He previously considered Frisia for the position, yet Frisia had been focusing his efforts on Brazilian's Mapping Chat and had basically refused the position.

Skylar had been a spy for Mapperdonia and pretended to ally with T-Series Mapping. However, upon her impeachment, she genuinely began to collaborate with him and formed a Diarchy in exile with him. It gained no serious attention aside from people sarcastically pretending to ally with Skylar.

2019-2021 flag of the Diarchy of Mapping

Camp Crisis

In late august of 2019, George announced that he would be going to a summer camp for five days and that he would be offline.

The "Diarch" role was suddenly renamed to "Ceremonial Diarch" and the admins decided to manage the server themselves while George was away, this is often referred to as the Admin Junta. According to Frisia, George authorized the Admin Junta to manage the Diarchy during those five days, but it's unknown if that is true.

While George was in the summer camp, drama inside staff ensued mostly due to Asmodeus' resignation and the power vacuum it caused. Shortly after this, Breton and Kharpat resigned from their positions too.

George, upon his return, immediately demanded the ownership of Diarchy back, but to everyone's surprise, Frisia refused. As a consequence, George, with a face of indignation, left the Diarchy for a short time before he came back due to public demands and Frisia, now knowing his mistake and with people turned on him, gave George his ownership, and thus the camp crisis came to a close.

The lesson learnt from this crisis was that after Asmodeus' resignation, drama would have to be expected, and that it would be difficult to find a satisfactory successor to the now former diarch. George too came to the conclusion that before resigning in Spring of 2020, he would have to decentralize his power and create new organisms for the server's management in order to avoid a power vacuum and another takeover of the Admin Junta.


Around the start of September 2019, Arth wrote down a vote to remove the MSP bot's admin status, which would have rendered the bot almost useless. The bot, apart from its regular functions, was also being used as the starboard bot of the server. Arth argued that the bot was under the total control of Caesar and that he could raid diarchy out of nowhere anytime. These claims have been proven false by now, but many people believed it at the time. George stopped Arth, arguing that Arth's vote conflicted with a vote that he had made to kick the bot, where people voted not to kick it. Despite this, Arth dismissed George's warning and took matters upon himself. After a long argument between Arth, George and some of the MSP staff, the bot's permissions were restored .

In the next day, Arth, seeing that he couldn't do anything to achieve his goal, sought another person to hear him. Arth begged Colonial, who was an administrator at the time, to kick the bot. Colonial, without holding another bot nor consulting George or any of the staff, kicked the MSP bot. Arth was joyful and proud of his achievement, confident that the bot would never return.

A few days passed, George came back to the server, and he re-added the MSP bot. He made clear that the next person to kick or ban the bot would be demoted. The same day, Colonial left Diarchy and his staff position.

George's Departure

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On the 6th of April 2020, George had his account prematurely disabled by a report. Several groups and raiders, such as the JFKK group, claimed credit of this. Nevertheless, George claimed that he would not be returning to Discord, and thus said his final goodbye . Shortly after, Asmodeus resigned from Prime Minister, with Breton Mapping being voted in as a replacement, and Depsorian Mapping and Munyvian became the 2 new diarchs.

The campaign for the Prime Minister election opposed mainly Breton to SZ, who were 2 prominent administrators at the time. This was when the antagonism between the two individuals began. SZ campaigned very vehemently and won against Breton by a close margin. During the former's term, Munyvian resigned from his position, calling for new owner elections. The campaign opposed the same two main candidates, and was even more vicious. People compared the rivalry between Breton and SZ to the one between jubaG and SkylarWeston. Breton however won the Owner elections, alongside Depo.

Breton's term was very controversial. A large group of members, with namely Carrotmeal and SZ created a "Second Diarchy", and the latter kept making fun of the Diarchs, as the newly formed server was more active than the main one, despite being much smaller in terms of members count. As Breton's mandate appeared pretty fragile from SZ's campaign, the staff decided to organize new owner elections in July, as they were originally planned before Munyvian resigned.

However, George returned in June. He was re-elected as diarch along with Asmodeus/Zwischen in July and held the role ever since.

Rexo's Rebellion

Rexo's Rebellion was the boycott of the Diarchy of Mapping by many major and active members of the community on October 23, 2020, and the next couple of days.

Despite not strictly being seen as part of the rebellion, Ritz had recently resigned his post of Speaker of the Duchy.

On October 23, 2020, Breton Mapping was muted for the use of the N-word, and banned as he accumulated warns for allegedly bullying other members. YourFriendlyNeighborhoodGeorge later unbanned him. This angered Rexowogamer, as the staff had not been consulted about this.

Rexo's Rebellion.PNG

Rexo resigned from staff and encouraged George to resign too. Later, NoUserName17, brackets, and more left.

However, Rexo later returned and George promoted him to Speaker of the Duchy as he promised to reform the Duchy.

Abolishment of Duchy and Emirate

Current flag of the Diarchy of Mapping adopted on January 14, 2021.

As when Breton took office as Prime Minister, he announced the vote for the abolishment of Emirate and Duchy with the approval of the Diarchs.

Breton-Pilot administration and stagnation

After the winter 2020 elections, which were full of controversy, Breton and Pilot were elected as the new diarchs. This was the first election where George lost, with a dramatic decrease in support from previous elections due to accusations of rigging the vote and people's disappointment over his neglect of the server over the past weeks. Later on, the discord server TOM (The Order of Mapping) was discovered to have made an announcement to rig the vote as a joke, but they apparently managed to sway the vote. The elctions ended in Breton's victory, and a tie between George and Pilot, where eventually George conceded.

A few days later, George changed his mind and offered to become diarch once again to implement the reforms and initiatives he had planned. If the offer was not accepted, he said, he would create his own private server and leave diarchy to its own luck. Breton rejected the offer, and in fact made threats to ban george because of him previously planning to merge with the bats.

After George opened his private server George's Retirement Club (or GRC), the diarchy saw a dramatic decrease and practical death of its activity. The decrease in activity had been a trend from months before, but recent events had made it even worse, and this was the final blow. The fate of the server was uncertain.

“The Rapture” (Anarchy in The Diarchy)

"On a more serious note, I believe the entirety of this community is mentally imploding. Whether it be the Diarchs, the Admins, or even the opposers (like SZ). I'm afraid this might be the end of Diarchy. Pilot left the server as I'm writing these lines, I'm considering archiving the Diarchy unless someone finds a solution. This is not yet the time for apologies, nor is it the time for celebration. I will discuss with George on what he wants to do with this server, if he even wants it back."


On February 18, 2021, Breton announced his intentions to archive the Diarchy after Pilot left. Initially, several members started discussing past events - both drama and nostalgic feelings -, but Breton then pinged everyone multiple times in the announcements channel with the only purpose of annoying people, pinging 1200 people in the process.

A picture uploaded by George in #announcements around this time, showing him stroking a chicken

Due to the very low message count over the few months that preceded this event, there was a general consensus that the server was dead and that reviving it would've been pointless. Therefore, as the mass ping occurred, mass hysteria ensued: the channels were flooded with advertisements of other mapping Discords, miscellaneous spam, pictures mocking the Diarchy (at this point a de facto monarchy), and several users began spam pinging Breton in retaliation. A lot of these assailants were muted by Automod, but they decided to use the muted channel to shitpost instead. At the time, there was uncertainty on whether the Diarchy would survive.

Meanwhile, Breton passively spectated the disorder, while many members were pressing him into taking action. He later confirmed that he wasn't archiving the Diarchy, and that he was ceding the ownership of the server back to George. George quickly announced several changes to the server.

George's Diarchy

In a Google Doc posted in the #announcements channel, George announced a new direction for the Diarchy. The Diarchy of Mapping was no longer to be a mapping server, and would be renamed to George's Diarchy. Liberty over Order was ended, and George was to become the permanent owner, with two handpicked Diarchs by his side.

This marked the end of the history of the Diarchy as a mapping server.

As of March 18, 2021, the server's member count has gone down due to many members being unhappy about these recent changes.

End of Diarchy

On the 4th of April, 2021, the server was nuked by IpadID, after George gave him his Discord account token, which gave iPad full access to his account.


Staff Team

Here is a list of the final staff members, in order of them being promoted.

High Diarch



  • Zoisite


Operator (Removed)


Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister was an publicly elected position applicable for Dukes or higher. It had the administrator permission and is the third-in-command of the server, behind both Diarchs.

The Prime Minister role was first introduced in August 2017 until it was abolished in November 2018. It was then reintroduced in March 2019 until it was replaced by Head Staff for a month in September, and was reintroduced again in October. The final Prime Minister was Basque.

Election Results

Note that some results have been lost to history or not transcribed.

Term Prime Minister Runner Up Votes
August 2017 Asmodeus
September 2017 Polluxia MerryMerryJerry 10-5
October 2017 jubaG Polluxia 15-8
November 2017 MerryMerryJerry jubaG 15-8
December 2017 jubaG
January 2018 jubaG
February 2018 jubaG
March 2018 jubaG Noam 15-6
April 2018 Imperialis jubaG 21-4
May 2018 jubaG Frisia 11-8
June 2018 Sirius SkylarWeston 28-19
July 2018 jubaG Breton Mapping 18-10
August 2018 Frisia Ryan Khan 22-12
September 2018 Depsorian Frisia 16-11
October 2018 Sirius Breton Mapping 23-8
November 2018 Frisia

The results from December 2018 to February 2019 have been lost.

Term Prime Minister Runner Up Votes
March 2019 Breton Mapping Frisia 65-58
April 2019 Breton Mapping Ceplio 56-54
May 2019 Breton Mapping
June 2019 Ceplio* & Breton Mapping Colonial Mapper 61-57
July 2019 Colonial Mapper Sundalanian 62-54
August 2019 Colonial Mapper Geneva Mapping 42-29
September 2019 Colonial Mapper
October 2019 Imperialis Breton Mapping 36-35
November 2019 Imperialis Breton Mapping 37-35
December 2019 Breton Mapping Erodium 41-12
January 2020 Breton Mapping Plakeland Mapper 38-36
February 2020 SZ Plakeland Mapper 46-43
March 2020 SZ Zoisite 35-33
April 2020 Asmodeus** & Breton Mapping Breton Mapping 58-35
May 2020 SZ Breton Mapping 67-47
June 2020 SZ Ceplio 75-34
July 2020 Pilot BFFRI Jerry (not MerryMerryJerry) 98-13
August 2020 Pilot BFFRI Kharp 66-20
September 2020 Zoisite Firmi 52-21
October 2020 NoUserName17 Firmi 31-26
November 2020 SZ Breton Mapping 33-26
December 2020 Breton Mapping Rexo 35-12
January 2021 Basque Zoisite 34-20
February 2021 Carrotmeal Rares 34-23

*Ceplio resigned the Prime Ministerial position on June 12, 2019. The position went to Breton Mapping by default.[13]

**Asmodeus resigned the Prime Ministerial position on April 6, 2020. The position went to Breton Mapping after a Staff Vote.


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The Duchy was a self-appointed team of Dukes outside of the staff team who monitor the staff team and investigate corruption. The Duchy was formed on November 1, 2019, despite being planned and set up by George for around a month beforehand. It was abolished on December 13, 2020.


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The Emirate was a team of Marquesses outside of the staff team who post votes regarding the server and act as a public justice system to advise the administration, serving as a public legislation. All the suggestions from the public passed through the Emirate.

The Emirate was found on September 20, 2020. They are elected by the public started from November, 2020. It was abolished on December 13, 2020.

Tatsumaki Leaderboards

This was the final Tatsumaki Leaderboard of the Diarchy, counting any member with a total score of over 100,000. The Tatsumaki Leaderboard award 10-20 points per every message sent with a 2-minute cool-down period. Therefore, this is a fairly accurate way to rank activity on the server, despite the variation in ranks.

You need to achieve a Tatsumaki Score of 200,000 in order to get the Prince role, which is the highest activity role that was attainable. Only 10 Diarchists graced the role, and they are highlighted in bold.

  1. YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge - 671,165
  2. SZ -353,271
  3. Breton Mapping - 2335,318
  4. Asmodeus- 274,839
  5. Delirium - 273,934
  6. Carrotmeal - 270,269
  7. NoUserName17 - 243,301
  8. Zoisite Mapping - 225,748
  9. Arthurium - 220,260
  10. Frisia - 218,656
  11. Depsorian - 194,731
  12. TheDarkBomber - 191,438
  13. Mikoyanshik - 179,253
  14. Pilot BFFRI - 171,881
  15. Jckistan - 148,542
  16. Azure - 171,478
  17. BasqueBall - 122,613
  18. OxLee - 117,612
  19. Pacc0 - 116,788
  20. HU - 112,380
  21. Kharp - 109,642
  22. Liquid Lake - 103,072

By doing the math, it would take anywhere between 2–4 weeks on average of talking non-stop to achieve a Tatsumaki Score of 100,000. However, assuming 8 hours a day are spent on sleep, and 2-6 more are spent on other affairs, it should take an active Discord user around 2–3 months to achieve this score.


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