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Discord is a communications app designed for gaming communities. It initially launched on May 13, 2015, and mappers began using it in late 2016.

Discord replaced Google+ as the primary method of communication for mapping communities, mainly due to the instant messaging.

 History of Mappers on Discord

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Though the early history of mappers on Discord is unclear, the general consensus is that small pockets of private mapping communities first appeared on Discord in late 2016, such as Mappers' Chat, McEdonia, and Sorillia. However, most public communities did not express interest in Discord. The Mapping Community, which at the time was de facto Mapperdonia, had no need to migrate from Google+.

Smaller, open communities eventually were formed, partly thanks to the Edge. Most communities in early 2017 were theorist communities or mapper hangouts. By late 2017, several Guilds had began to grow in popularity and become known throughout Mapperdonia, such as Vorigar VoidViper, the Diarchy, and Mappers Galactic Empire.

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