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Dissowiec raiding the Sunset Discord on February 6, 2019.

A Discord Raider is an individual who raids a Discord server, usually by means of spamming or pinging. Raiders have been a major problem in Mapperdonia as thanks to the migration to Discord, and there have been several communities dedicated to ending the threat. As of now, there is currently no permanent solution to stop raiders.

Most raiders are Black-Hat Raiders, who do so for malicious intent. However, some raiding can be classified as White-Hat Raiding, where it is done so in order to notify the staff of a server of their poor security. The term "White-Hat Raiders" is not used regularly, as most "White-Hat Raiders" do not do so regularly.


Due to the format of Discord, any server with lackluster security can be raided by anyone. This is mainly done by mass pinging everyone, a specific role, or specific people, and ping raiding is usually what is referred to when the word "raid" is used. However, raiding can also be done by spamming, usually with NSFW content, or by using various racist slurs in forms of pictures or gifs, or just posting huge walls of text., which obstruct the chat.


Most Discord servers attempt to secure their servers in order to prevent raids. While most pinging raids can be prevented by simply disabling the permissions of any given role to do so, targeted raiding usually cannot be prevented. Bots can occasionally automatically detect mass pings and spam and, with prior instruction, ban those perpetrating the raids.

During 2018, Mapperdonia began to become aware of raiding on a massive scale and began to cooperate with one another to report known raiders, and ban them before they could inflict any more damage.

Several mapping bots have tried to tackle the threat of raiding themselves, Mapping Security Pact banned raiders before they could do any harm but other servers still ended up taking a hint and MapComp had its anti-gore-raid feature where common gore raid links would be detected by the bot and the message author would be banned from said server.

The Mapperdonian Station is currently the largest community to actively report on raiders, although it is not its prior function. Most raiders are immediately reported, typically to influential mappers such as Ares and YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge, and are known widespread within a couple of hours.

There is a limit to counter-raiding, however. A motivated individual could, hypothetically, create an infinite amount of alternative accounts using VPNs. The first raider to fully utilize the potential of Discord was T-Series Mapping.

Occasionally users are trying to join servers of known raider groups, and to infiltrate them, usually their goal is to retrive informations about upcoming attacks, to warn the potential victims about it, or to report the raiders to Discord.


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Most Discord raiders can be placed into opposing categories based on their motivation. Either, they are just doing it either out of fun, e.g. for their personal amusement, or due to personal drama or they have an actual dedication to damage/destroy the mapping community for various reasons.

Motivated Raiding

Motivated Raiders are raiders who raid a community or person for a reason they believe to be morally valid. Dedicated Anti-mappers fall into Motivated Raiding.

Unmotivated Raiding

Unmotivated Raiders, informally referred to as Trolls, are raiders who raid either for amusement or specific gain.


Some raiders cannot be placed into either two categories. This usually refers to when someone is threatened by a larger, more prominent raider, into doing their bidding.

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