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The Dolphin Accords was an agreement that detailed the Diarchy of Mapping acquiring the Third Mapping Community and The Mapping Discord, despite it being publicly presented as a merger. Planning for a merger began immediately after the Final Raids when TMC and TMD approached YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge directly, and while the planned ratification date was December 25, 2018, the BlackBird Raids meant that Plakeland sped up the merger to December 10.

After The Second Mapping Community was deleted in the wake of a fatal nuking, both TMC and TMD were both on the brink of collapse; the Third Mapping Community did not live up to the success of its predecessor and was inactive and a joke to most mappers, and The Mapping Discord's, more specifically the perpetrators of the nuking, reputation was completely shattered. Both parties quickly contacted YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge, interested in a merger with the Diarchy of Mapping to save their own administrations.

YourFriendlyNeighborhoodGeorge immediately took charge of the situation. While whether his intentions were to help fellow mappers in need or to seize more power for himself were unclear, and while he himself claims that it was a mix of the two, it is unquestionable that George led the negotiations. He brought both parties together, despite backlash from Plakeland and Neim, and even attracted the interest of The Mapping Syndicate, which later pulled out of talks. He acquired the TMC and TMD administrations into the Diarchy and began to dissolve any remnants of TMC and TMD, Within the month, the culture and administration of the Diarchy was exactly how it was before the accords, with the added bonus of double the member count[‌citation needed‌].

The Dolphin Accords are usually considered to be YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge's "masterstroke", as he alone organized the largest merger in the history of Mapperdonia and was able to crush any non-veteran staff members expecting to operate how they did in their own respective servers. However, he did not alert the staff team of the Diarchy of the agreements, as Plakeland rushed the merger. This led to the Migger Wars as seasoned members of the Diarchy struggled to mingle with new members who had migrated from The Third Mapping Community.


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Pan-Mapperdonian Movement

The appeal for a single, large community encompassing all alternate mappers was always prevalent, but was never truly seen as a majority in the community. YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge had suggested a merger with The Mapping Community as a contingency plan in event of his suicide, and a draft treaty had been written up. Galack and Ankhor had also briefly mentioned the concept, yet it was nothing more than a mention. During the formation of The Mapping Discord, George had suggested a merger between TMC and New TMC, to be known as The United Mapping Community. This didn't get very far.

Final TMC Raids

On December 3, 2018, Valor, Colonial Mapper, Ankhor, Monkey Mapping, and Diamel Mapping raided The Second Mapping Community, and Saphirkartierung chose to delete the community. Soon after, YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge created an Open Letter to the raiders, which was supported by the majority of the community. The Letter condemned the raids and encouraged the raiders to step down from their positions in The Mapping Discord. They all complied, and the future of TMC and TMD was in George's hands.

George lost interest in the idea of TMC, and did not sanction The Third Mapping Community, despite retaining Administrator on it. The Third Mapping Community quickly became inactive, with only a few active members. Meanwhile, The Mapping Discord quickly devolved into unregulated anarchy with three of its owners, aside Royal Mapping, stepping down. The idea of a Pan-Mapperdonian Movement quickly went on the table, and Valor approached George with the offer.


The announcement of the Dolphin Accords on the Diarchy of Mapping.

Negotiations officially began on December 5, 2018, two days after the Final TMC Raids. Ankhor suggested the merger, and George acted as the ambassador between the two communities, who were fierce enemies. Sundalanian and The Mapping Syndicate initially expressed interest in the project, yet soon they pulled out.

The community was to be named temporarily Mapperdonia until a name and flag competition. After a day of discussion, a new staff format was approved, and soon after, the platforms, which were to be the Diarchy Discord, the TMC Google +, the TMD Reddit, and the Diarchy Amino, were to be used in the new project.