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Doom Mapping, (formerly Blade Mapper, commonly referred to as just "Doom") is a former mapper from Brisbane, Australia. He ran the well-critiqued Doom's Survivor competition and produces the Grand Mapper competition.

In The Community

He discovered mapping after picking up a general interest in Geography and found Super LV's Alternate Future of the World. After watching the movie a few times, more mapping videos popped up in his recommended and he discovered Ankhor (Anchor Mapping at the time). He then joined his Discord server and met Breton Mapping, who then invited him to the Diarchy of Mapping.

Diarchy of Mapping Activity Period

Doom became very active, one of the top 5 people in activity in the 2018 period. He became well known and respected in that community despite not being around for long. He then earned the Moderator role when he won a staff vote. However, Doom then leaked that Breton had given him the election results early. This ended in Breton nearly being demoted from the role, but he was forgiven and Doom apologised for stirring the drama.

Creation of the "Village of Mapping"

In September 2018, Breton, Doom and Ryanlandia all created the Village of Mapping together. The trio's advertising technique made the server explode in popularity and activity. The server reached 200 members in less than a week after partnering with some of the bigger mapping servers and popularised the election system in mapping servers seen today. The server's popularity died down in November 2018 and it became a lost zone.

Doom's first quit

The plummeting popularity of the Village of Mapping demotivated Doom a lot, causing him to focus on other things than Discord, causing him to unofficially "quit". People were surprised when he made announcements on his account or spoke in any server in general.

Doom's return

Doom returned to Discord in June 2019 after rebranding the Village of Mapping to "The Village" so people in his friend group could talk and popularise the server to a new group of people.

Reformation of The Village

People like Wasakiman and Frx, who were good friends with Doom at the time, started being active in The Village. They then invited their other friends they had met elsewhere, including Limb and leufG Mapping. The election system and rewards of the server appealed to regular Discord users and the usage of the server became a lot more common.

Grand Mapper Activity Period

In December 2019, Doom became active in Grand Mapper. Hosting the Europa Universalis IV event. He enjoyed the community and the new friends he made there that he applied for the 9th Edition of Grand Mapper.

Grand Mapper 9: 6th place

Doom started Grand Mapper with wide eyes, firstly allying with Ruxian. Who ended up being the first boot in a disorganized elimination. He had mutual and positive relationship with a majority of his union so he could make his way through the game until merge. When he backstabbed Dacian and was eliminated in a skip-and-steal advantage play by Leviathan Mapping.

Grand Mapper 12: 16th place

In Grand Mapper 12, Doom had a pretty strong start, allying with about 5-6 people at the beginning of the game and controlling the first few eliminations. When the swap happened. Doom was the only returning player on his union. And he happened to forget to submit