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The East African Federation ( Pax universe ) is a country in the series Pax Americana made by Korean Mapping.


We dont know exactly when East Africa is formed, but what we do know is that it existed by 2019. Three years later, Abbysinia would form as well, and the two would become great friends and partners. During WW3, East Africa would lead the front with Abbysinia and other countries ( South Africa, Egypt ) against Russian allies like Algeria-Tripolitania. In 2049, the remaining African nations allied with Russia and China surrendered. With the victory of the United States and its allies, East Africa would become a member of the Council of Liberty. By then, the relationship beetween Abbysinia and East Africa start to deteriorate as East Africa starts to become obsessed over their new job, so Abbysinia starts working with Nile in 2101. Following events happen during Pax Americana, and not before it like up until now.

In 2103, the Council of Liberty decides to increase the number of members. However, with Abbysinia as a candidate, East Africa basically vetos the desicion, allowing in Nigeria and Maghreb instead of Abbysinia and Nile. Abbysinia is outraged when they find out about this.

By 2104, Abbysinia starts plotting against East Africa by giving funds to Zambezi in exchange for an alliance.

East Africa participates in the 2109 War for Australia, sending its troops to Australia following the collapse of the Union of Oceania. The battle is eventually lost, with Australia falling to the nationalists by 2111,

In 2133 the 4th World War begins beetween the IIA and the Council of Liberty. Nile and Abbysinia see that there is no African front, meaning East Africa is sending most of their troops abroad, so they decide to use the opportunity and declare war on East Africa, which didnt have a chance being surrounded on all sides.

2137, East Africa finally surrenders/dies, ending its 118 year history.


The Treaty which ended the war was signed, and this happened to the territories of East Africa:

  1. Abbysinia annexed all lands belonging to Kenya and some former South Sudanese lands.
  2. Nile annexed the rest of South Sudan and most of Kenya.
  3. Zambezia annexed the rest of Mozambique and Zambia.
  4. Congo annexed the rest of Uganda as well as Rwanda and Burundi.
  5. The rest was split into following countries: Pwania, Victoria and Rukwa. ( other countries are not indentified )

Abbysinia gets accepted into the Council, and it goes the same path as East Africa, souring relations beetween them and Nile, who would join the Islamic Alliance,

Zambezi would suffer even more, being invaded by the South African Order while trying to help Pwania unite Tanzania. That happens in 2179.

Over the course of the next few decades, nations in Tanzania would fight each other with dreams to unite East Africa once more, with Rukwa comming out on top, forming the United Republic of Tanzania.

The story of East Africa tells us something:

We shouldnt become obsessed with our passions to the point where it hurts our reputation and our friendships.