The Edge is a mapping genre created by Eradiate. It is one of the most popular genres in mapping and potentially the most used style of mapping. It is characterised by melodrama and seriousness, with powerful events or characters.



During the period of classical mapping, many mappers used what are now called Proto-Nationiums, often times as an official nation. They shared much of the nomenclature of true Nationiums, such as the use of the Latin termination -(i)um and -(i)a (Miracium, Ingentium, Soria, Yevorana, Buvoria), and made-up names (Vius, Siezon, Perrystoni). However, Proto-Nationiums mostly lacked the plot centrality that nationiums have.

First Wave / Eradiate Era

The First Wave of Edge is what people call the start of the Edge: it officially started on 29th December 2015, with the debut of Eradiate with his Alternate Future of Europe (because of him, the First Wave of Edge is informally known as the Eradiate Era of mapping), although its start is commonly attributed to be in its prime during 2016. It was a sharp jolt upwards and to the right in the mapping compass, creating a very different style than most mappers at the time. Eradiate's series revolutionized mapping, brought forth many techniques popular mappers still use to this day and inspired many mappers, such as The Chairman, Tetrich, and Eradiate's so called "apprentice", Orbis. It brought back the concept of green-only maps, which had been common in Early Classical Mapping, but had fallen out of use in the Late Classical Period, and introduced the first true Nationiums: the first one is in fact one of the main characters of the series, Graxum. For this, Eradiate is often attributed to being one of the greatest mappers of all time.

Other Notable Mappers of this Age:

Heaven A-000-000000

A Second Wave map, created by Proxima.

Second Wave / Golden Age

The Second Wave of Edge, also known as the Golden Age or the PIM Era, was the radicalization of the First Wave of Edge, created by Imperialis and Proxima by means of the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse. Nationiums were used as recurring characters, and the many worlds theory was the basis of the series. The Second Wave gave birth to Mapping Theorists, and many prevalent theorists like YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge and SkylarWeston would go on to create Discord Guilds such as The Diarchy of Mappers and Theorists, used to help theorize. The legacy of the Second Wave far surpassed the first, and inspired mappers across the community. While Proxima's first Alternate Future of the World was released on February 12, 2017, the Second Wave truly began on March 8, 2017, and would reign throughout the Spring, Summer, and early Autumn of 2017.

Other Notable Mappers of this Age:

Desaturated Edge / Silver Age

The Desaturated Edge, sometimes known as the Silver Age or Wave 2.5, was a reformation to the Second Wave created by Imperialis in the aftermath of the Second Wave's success. Maps began to go from simple but nice to look at, to slightly more complex, while being even more pleasing to the eye. While the basis of the story structure remained relatively the same, many elements from the Second Wave were deemed "too edgy", and most edge mappers abandoned them. These included nationiums, excessive black screens, fast cutting, Latin speech, etc. Out of everything mentioned, nationiums are the only thing to keep a consistent following, although they have been dropped by most well-known mappers.


Some characteristics of edgy mapping include:

  • Complicated and intriguing plots, with an abnormal event or nationiums playing a key role in the series.
  • Heavily saturated maps, with the color green for all countries.
  • Very sharp and bold fonts, such as HK Grotesk or Century Gothic.
  • Minimized information boxes.
  • Film Score music, often composed by Hans Zimmer or John Williams.
  • More commonly than not, edgy mapping takes place in modern day or in the future.
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