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We are all burdened, and unless you can find a way to set us free, this will continue. Again, and again, and again. This is especially true for me. Death. That fruit is my power, yet I cannot taste it. The mortals see it as a sickening, vile inevitability, but we know the truth. Life is nothing more than an affliction. Death is the cure.
~ Enfers to Trisula

Hades, commonly known in mapping by the name of the state he controls, Enfers, is the Olympian God of the Underworld, the Head of State of the country Enfers, and the protagonist in Nibiru's Alternate Future of the World , also known as Alternate Future of the World Ω.

During the events on screen during AFOWΩ, Hades is the prime opposition to The Council. From his humble origins as Haiti, by Episode 9 Enfers controls the Caribbean, Central America, much of the Southern US and Mexico, and a touch of South America to top it off. It is a core member of the Marseilles Cooperation Organization, and controls much of southern North America, a fraction of northern South America, and all of Central America and the Caribbean. It's EEZ gives it an extraordinary navy, and Hades' control over metals make Enfers a relatively wealthy nation.

Enfers initially received criticism as simply another Intisar clone, yet has since been praised as one of the greatest nationiums of all time. It was the first concept of mythological beings intervening in the political world, and has since been replicated by many other mappers.


The Titanomachy and Division of the Earth

Joachim Wtewael's painting "The Battle Between the Gods and the Titans", depicting the Titanomachy.

The Titanomachy, also known as the War of the Titans, was a 10 year long conflict that was waged between the coalition of Olympians and the Titans. Zeus freed his brothers from Kronos, who had devoured them fearing of them usurping him, and while the war was fought hard, eventually the Olympians overpowered the Titans, who were cast into Tartarus, a primordial deity that served as the afterlife for the wicked. Hades, by far the most bitter of the three main brothers, offered to be allocated the position of ruler of the dead, so that everyday he could torture his father to the best of his abilities. Poseidon wished to be given control of life, so he could utilize his creative ideas, yet Zeus rejected this idea as it would give Poseidon too much power. Eventually, Poseidon settled on ruling the sea, and Zeus on the skies.

Other Interventions

Trojan War

The Trojan War was the first war that truly set up the relations between the Gods. Enfers was an ally of Trisula (Poseidon) then, who used his powers to wipe out the Greeks.

416 Panic

Enfers directly before the 416 Panic.

The 416 Panic was an event in which Enfers raised the dead to annihilate the human population. It was a time of great cruelty, and a great display of power.

Mongol Horde

This flashback displays a pivotal moment in the history of these characters; Enfers offering to Khutsdain (Ares) to colonize North America in 1239.

World War 1

Enfers and Ravn communicating during the altered First World War.

During 1919 and 1920, Enfers is shown advising the Central Powers in an alternate World War 1. He then lectures Ravn on not punishing him for his intervening, claiming that "[he] loves this power as much as [himself] does." Enfers and Ravn exchange more dialogue after this.

Nuking of 376 Cities

Enfers tells an expanded United States of America that their golden age is over in 1956, before America pleads for Enfers to stop. It is later revealed that directly after this conversation, Enfers launched 376 thermonuclear weapons at American population centers.

Theomachy Intervention

First Appearance

Enfers first interferes in human affairs during Alternate Future of the World Ω in 2020, and individually instigates a coup against the Republic of Haiti. He immediately declares war on and annexes the Dominican Republic, and buys all of the Carribean islands which are owned by former European empire, with the exception of France, who is taken over by Caducee, who willingly gives Enfers Guadeloupe for free.

First Wave of Expansion

The theater of the Californian War moments before American surrender.

To assert its position as a powerful global state, Enfers funds Mexico into supporting the 2020 Californian War against the United States of America in exchange for Yucatan, which gives Enfers a ticket straight onto the American homeland, and weakens America, the largest threat to Enfers at the moment. 3 years later, Enfers soothes his anger from talking to Ravn by annexing all of Central America, with the assistance of Panama. In 2028, Enfers officially joined the Marseilles Cooperation Organization, a military alliance set up by Caducee.

Second Wave of Expansion

Enfers at the end of Episode 7.

When the United States collapsed in 2032, Enfers was quick to grab a piece of the North American pie. He and Mexico immediately invaded Texas and established a colony of Enfers in the region. He then sent an ultimatum to the South American Confederation, demanding Llanos, to which the S.A.C. accepted. After, he invaded the Gulf State and after Carolina received a transmission detailing Enfers' odd troops, Enfers annexed Vandalia. Enfers then convinces Ravn to join the Marseilles Cooperation Organization, and betray The Council. After this event, Trisula organized a meeting with Enfers and Olympia, to try and end the upcoming conflict. This was met with no success. Enfers then invaded Sinaloa, Los Zetas and Guerrero.

Power and Abilities

Due to being an Olympian, Hades is capable of extraordinary power, far beyond that of a regular human. In his appearances, however, Hades prefers to fight indirectly, and sends the Tartarus Corps to wage his wars for him. Therefore, Hades' true power is unknown. However, judging off of the Greek myths, Hades is likely strong enough to completely destroy a star. Hades, much like other Olympians, also has the ability of Memory Theft.


The average citizen inside of Enfers would not have been aware of the fact that they were being governed by Hades until the Trisulan Crisis. Despite the fact that many of the regions Enfers conquered were impoverished, Hades has jurisdiction over all metals as his position as an Olympian, and uses it to keep his population generally comfortable, to avoid riots. To maintain this, politically Enfers is seen by the outside world as an authoritarian central government; the ideal regime of the Democratic Party.

It can also be seen as Ingsoc's Social Class System. Despite maintaining the illusion of liberty, the general populous has no real say in what they do in their lives. The general politicians, such as mayors, simply take orders from the federal government, run by a President with enormous power, comparable to that of the Weimar Republic's Article 48. The President, in fact, is Hades disguising himself as different politicians. However, his Memory Theft ability allows him to sway the populous into voting for him every time.


  • Enfer directly translate to hell in French. Haiti, the location where Enfers spawns from, is a French speaking island.
    • What is odd about this phenomenon is that Hades selected the name Enfers long before the French Empire colonized the region. Either this means that Hades is omniscient, or it is a plot hole on Nibiru's part.