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The Famana Universe is a media franchise created by The Sunset Mapping, which depicts events on an earth analog named Famana. Initially, the Famana Universe was merely the History of Famana, a mapping series created by The Sunset Mapping.

Mapping series

The most famous part of the Famana Universe is the mapping series, History of Famana. Episode 1 was released on March 21st 2017. There was a trailer before it, and also an episode 0. Episode 0 was later privated due to Sunset having retconned almost everything in the video. The series was highly successful. The series 30th episode, the finale, was released on January 5th, 2019.

Short stories

Devoured Land

Sunset released the first "chapter" of Devoured Land on July 8th 2018. It was set in the country Pextoglazia during the Hasian Invasion. However, it was later cancelled.

Famana Story

The first part of the first chapter of what Sunset called a "Famana Story" came out, and some more ones would come out. It had three characters in different nations. A new part hasn't come out in a while, so its future is unknown.

Timeline (incomplete)

The following is a full timeline of events on Famana. The years format is as so: Famanan Year (Earth Years). If a year is not on the list, there has been no change of events in those years.

First Age

1 (1-10)

  • Hasia is formed.

3 (30-40)

4 (40-50)

6 (60-70)

  • Bava is formed.
  • Maky and Bava form an economic and military alliance.

10 (100-110)

  • Maky and Bava explore and discover Kashroon.
  • Kashroon declares war on Bava for resources. Maky aids Bava, and the pair eventually defeat Kashroon.

13 (130-140)

  • Qiso is formed.
  • Maky expands its territory to almost double of what it previously was.
  • Ga Xal is formed. The Ga Xalian Religion is formed with it.
  • Ga Xal attacks Tijikomel and two other Kommelian tribes in a holy crusade.

15 (150-160)

  • Bava creates the first bavatis.
  • An attempted naval exploration by Maky and Bava fails with all sailors drowining.

17 (170-180)

  • Maky and Bava discover Dyri, Kars, and Zakon, all who which begin trading with Maky and Bava.
  • Calla is formed.

18 (180-190)

  • Kashroon declares war on Maky, Bava, and Kars, as they fear an attack when the three expand near Kashroon borders.

19 (190-200)

  • Kashroon surrenders. Maky and Bava occupy the conquered territories.
  • Kars severs all diplomatic relations with Maky and Bava.

20 (200-210)

  • Maky invades Kars.
  • Bava and Zakon occupy the former Karsian territory.

22 (220-230)

  • Ga Xal expands and annexes Calla.

25 (250-260)

  • Biliku and Vaximor are formed.
  • Due to Maky's increasingly imperialistic nature, their relations with Bava begin to tense.

27 (270-280)

  • Ga Xal learns of Bava, Maky and Zakon after torturing the imprisoned Callan leader.

28 (280-290)

  • The new monarch of Biliku expands exponentially.

30 (300-310)

  • Vaximor expands to have access to the Gomic Sea. Maky frowns upon this action.
  • Bava severs all diplomatic ties with Maky.

31 (310-320)

33 (330-340)

  • Ga Xal expands and annexes Zakon.

34 (340-350)

  • Sar, Lesas, Minstro, Kistu, Emintas, Javil and Quanex are formed in the region of Oppia.
  • Emintas leads a coalition comprised of itself, Sar, Lesas, Minsro and Kistu against Oppia.

35 (350-360)

  • A significant portion of Quanex territory is occupied by the coalition.

36 (360-370)

37 (370-380)

  • Vaximor expands.
  • Maky declares war on Vaximor. Bava declares war on Maky.

38 (380-390)

  • Maky annexes Vaximor.
  • Bavan troops reach the capital of Maky.

39 (390-400)

  • A naval invasion performed by Maky on Bava is hugely successful and forces their surrender.

40 (400-410)

  • Ga Xal attacks a weakened Maky and quickly annexes it.
  • Ga Xal forces Dyri to be incorporated into.
  • The Second Karsian Kingdom is formed.

42 (420-430)

43 (430-440)

  • Thalmor is formed.

45 (450-460)

  • Emintas invades Sar.
  • Sar defeats Emintas and annexes various border territory.

48 (480-490)

54 (540-550)

  • Biliku invades and annexes Qiso.

56 (560-570)

61 (610-620)

  • Nidero Tilav and his family migrates to Ximal, Ga Xal, for economic purposes.

63 (630-640)

  • Tilav announces his religious epiphany that would later be known as the Tilav Reformation publicly in Ximal. He immediately forms support.
  • The King of Ga Xal excommunicates Tilav and orders his death on sight.
  • Tilav escapes to Noju.
  • Ga Xal declares war on Noju, in response of their inability to extradite Tilav.

64 (640-650)

  • One of Tilav's major supporters and close friend betrays him to Ga Xal in order to save the Nojun people.
  • Tilav is executed in Xon, Ga Xal.

74 (740-750)

  • Tilavian (supporters of the ideas preached by Nidero Tilav) philosophers, including many in positions of power, declare war on the state to reform the religion. The Ga Xalian Civil War begins.
  • Several nationalistic independence movements form in Ga Xal, joining arms with the Tilavians.

75 (750-760)

  • Ga Xal surrenders.
  • The Great Independence War breaks out between the Tilavians and the nationalists.

76 (760-770)

  • The Tilavians and the nationalists agree to a ceasefire.
  • The Treaty of Xon is signed and ratified. Each nationalist movement formed The Komel Tribes, New Calla, Zakon, Jagma, Dyri, North Maky, South Maky and Vaximor respectively. The Tilavians divided the former empire based on cults devoted to one god of the Ga Xalian religion each; Ga Delk for the Earth, Ga Mor for the Fire, Ga Vin for the Water, and Ga Shir for the Air.

78 (780-790)

  • Ga Vin and Ga Shir embark on a naval exploration mission. Ga Shir discovers the Moxon Archipelago and colonizes the coast of it. Ga Vin finds Noku and Ga Delk, and forms a outpost in free territory near them.
  • Bamal and Bamal Yev are formed.

79 (790-800)

  • An assassin with its loyalty to Kars assassinates the Queen of South Maky. South Maky immediately declares war.
  • South Maky surrenders to Kars, which annexes a large portion of South Makyan territory, including their capital; Fokay.
  • Minstro and Emintas declare war on Kistu and Javil.
  • Kistu and Javil surrender to Minstro and Emintas.
  • Minstro and Emintas form an alliance.

82 (820-830)

  • The Jasuan King is replaced by his son, Fovers II, who immediately applies a policy of jingoism to Jasua and begins expanding Jasua's territory, military, and economy at a rapid pace.

83 (830-840)

  • Jasua continues expanding.

84 (840-850)

  • Jasua discovers Bamal Yev, and by means of them discover Biliku and Bamal. The four begin an economic partnership.
  • Jasua reforms and becomes officially known as the Jasuan Empire.

85 (850-860)

  • Ga Mor invades and annexes the majority of Jagma.
  • Ga Mor reforms into Moria.
  • The remainder of Jagma is willingly annexed into North Maky.

86 (860-870)