Federation Mapper is a countryball mapper with 3.79K subscribers. He is sometimes mistaken as a Turkish mapper due to his logo featuring Ottoman resemblance but in reality, he is an Indonesian mapper. His subscriber count is close to that of Miksi XIII. His first and most popular video is titled Alternate History of the World in Countryballs | Episode 1 - The German Crisis with 40K views. Due to losing interest, the series was canceled. Federation's most popular series is called Three Worlds, season one of which is complete. Federation Mapper also has his own wiki here.  

Early Years and Rough Start (2005-19)

Federation Mapper was born on 1st November 2005 in Depok, Indonesia. He discovered YouTube in 2012 and Made his first video in 2014. In 2017 he discovered Mapping via Polandball and gets really interested in it overtime. He then begin to watch numerous mapping videos throughout most of next year. Then in late 2018, The man that would become Federation Mapper started a mapping channel named R3 Mapping and begins creating an Alternate Future of Europe series. He finished it in early 2019, but due to severe unpopularity, He decided to rebrand his channel into Luftwaffle Mapping. He then made an Episode of Alternate Future of the World. It was decently popular, but he gave up after that and decided to rebrand into an Initial D Music channel called Tofu Beat. It was a big disaster and He gave up on the channel a month later.

Mapping Success (2020-present)

Looking to rediscover his love of Mapping, He started a new channel, Federation Mapper, in late 2019. But he wouldn't upload a mapping video until March of the next year. His first video is Alternate History of the World in Countryballs Episode 1 - The German Crisis. It would prove to be Federation's most popular video today, but he immediately lost interest in the series and started a new series about the Cold War called Three Worlds. It tells about a 3-way cold war between United States, Germany and the Soviet Union The first episode of it would be his 2nd most popular video. He managed to finish Season 1 in late June 2020. He then started a Season 2 called Three Worlds Round 2 just days later.

Rivalry with Miksi XIII and M.W.A

2 weeks before the end of his summer holidays, Federation Mapper uploaded a post officially starting a subscriber battle with Miksi XIII. Despite the fierce and tight battle between the two, Miksi and Federation are friends. Federation updated Miksi's page on The Mapping Wiki, and when Feddie left the Mapping Community for school, Miksi was seemingly devastated and begs Feddie not to leave. Federation came back for Eid Al-Adha on 30th July, beginning a 3-day Eid Al-Adha special during which he uploaded three videos. On 4th August, Miksi made a community post thanking his supporters for helping him made his channel grow. The post came up with a drawing of Miksi and Federation alongside Kohalium, Hollandoise Mapper and Republic of Ireland Mapping, collectively forming the "New 2020 gang". Federation loved this idea and made a similar post to that of Miksi with a drawing of the five mappers. Federation then personally renamed the 2020 gang into the M.W.A (Mapperz Wit Attitudes).

Personal Life

Outside of Mapping, Federation is known to be inteligent, shy, weak (mentally), strong (physically), coward, and stupid. He got interested into anime recently, watching Animes like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Great Teacher Onizuka, with some Evangelion Soundtracks featured in some of his Mapping videos. Federation is a Muslim, and is one of the largest Muslim Mappers. He finished Al-Quran for the first time last year, and 2x more times last Ramadhan. Federation is an Indonesian, and has huge national pride for his home nation, but also has pride for his favorite nations like Germany and Romania. He is currently the biggest Mapper in Indonesia, with 3.79K subscribers.

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